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Posturing for Media for elections?

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The usual strikes carried out by affected unit. Recall post Uri, there was a report of a retaliation the next day? But then it was 'quashed' and swept under carpet?

Had posted that it was true, but the political ownership was taken for the latter one - the 'Surgical Strike'

After every incident, affected unit has a carte blanche to take 'necessary action.
Thanks for answering my noob questions sir, it requires patience and focus to enlighten noobs like me, which is sadly a rare quantity nowadays....

Rare 'quality' you mean? ;)

I meant what I posted earlier ..... draw up a list of your queries, and post them. There is a reason I asked you to draw them up. And meanwhile, suggest read the whole thread at your leisure and what is unclear, clarify.

There is no dearth of patience here ... only impatience with trolling.
Really ?:eek::eek: I really envy them. I only wish my family made a run for Pakistan during partition. Although that would be quite difficult, geographically.

You missed the bus sir ... even the Lahore Bus with PM Vajpayee ;)
PIA (Pakistan international airlines) is a massive loss making airlines to the tune of PKR 3600 crore per year and previous dues of PKR 43,000 crores.

Inept managment usually retired Pakistan military officer has led to this situation, they even sold one plane in corruption and whole country came to know about it years later. PIA was about to be privatized but Imran Khan opposed being an opposition leader. Now this tension has increased operating cost significantly.

It's not even a month of tension and PIA is about to become history, 2 months like this and see the effect, I don't know if we are interested or not but we should keep a tight squeeze and increase it to naval boarding and inspecting after declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state. Let's see how long can keep up with daily harassment.
Probably shouldn't talk about PIA and mismanagement given the state of Air India.:cautious::cautious: I am just saying.:whistle::whistle:
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Pakistan demands ICC action against India for wearing military cap - Times of India
Look how the mard-e-moumin are asking their pious birader ICC to take action against the militant terrorists that is Virat Kohli and Co. We should take inspiration from them. As the Pakistani FM(i think) said Pakistan is headed for moderation & India for militancy.
Are you serious???? The cap was worn in solidarity of pulwama martyrs.....There was prior approval taken from ICC....Why does Pakistan have a problem with that
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I wasn't even born then. Hell, my parents weren't born either. I am blaming grandpa.:sneaky:
Oh by the way sir, why is my post informative ?

Are you serious sir? Takes courage to accept being jealous of our neighbours!!!! If it was in my hands, you would be given Ashok Chakra!

I used to have great respect for S.S.Menon.Not much after this interview. Witness his sly denigration of our response to Pulwama or the foreign policy of this administration in general. Smacks of a less than honest approach and some intellectual dishonesty. Also goes to highlight the cleavages within our foreign policy establishment.
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