indian air force

  1. Ashwin

    RudraM Series Air-launched Missiles : Updates & Discussions

    The Rudram is a series of air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles in development by the Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) of India. Name Approval Date Probable date of conclusion (PoC) Funding Amount Range Warhead Weight Overall Weight Seeker Rudram-1 (NGARM) Dec. 2012 Dec...
  2. nair

    India - Pakistan Standoff 2019

    There are confirmed reports of IAF crossing 50 km in to Pakistan. and attacking specific targets there...... Developing story
  3. Ashwin

    Trainer Aircraft of IAF - PC-7, HTT-40, HJT-36, BAE Hawk

    Propelled by HAL’s young blood, HTT-40 ready for critical stall & spin tests
  4. Ashwin

    Sukhoi Su-30MKI

    Sticky for the beauty queen :love: