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Nov 30, 2017
And it is quite possible that :
1. They are neva gonna give it up.
2. Neva gonna let you down.
3. Neva gonna run around.
4. And desert you ???? :)

Sorry could not help with this discussion.

Ah no issues, some light moments on the thread is all this is .......


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Dec 1, 2017
PIA (Pakistan international airlines) is a massive loss making airlines to the tune of PKR 3600 crore per year and previous dues of PKR 43,000 crores.

Inept managment usually retired Pakistan military officer has led to this situation, they even sold one plane in corruption and whole country came to know about it years later. PIA was about to be privatized but Imran Khan opposed being an opposition leader. Now this tension has increased operating cost significantly.

It's not even a month of tension and PIA is about to become history, 2 months like this and see the effect, I don't know if we are interested or not but we should keep a tight squeeze and increase it to naval boarding and inspecting after declaring Pakistan as a terrorist state. Let's see how long can keep up with daily harassment.
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