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  1. suryakiran

    General Atomics MQ-9B SkyGuardian/SeaGuardian Drone for the Indian Armed Forces

    Separate thread for information related to the Predator acquisition for the Indian Armed Forces India’s Predator-B Drone Deal Gets Clearance Today June 15, 2023 Seven years after the Indian government first requested a sale of Predator-type drones from the United States, it looks like a deal...
  2. Ashwin

    RudraM Series Air-launched Missiles : Updates & Discussions

    The Rudram is a series of air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles in development by the Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) of India. Name Approval Date Probable date of conclusion (PoC) Funding Amount Range Warhead Weight Overall Weight Seeker Rudram-1 (NGARM) Dec. 2012 Dec...
  3. A

    How does Chinese flankers fare against our Su-30 MKI ?

    I request the experts on this forum to compare the flankers of Chinese AF with our own, also with other fighters. Any info about latest strength of Chinese AF would be much appreciated. Thankyou.
  4. Gautam

    Indian Army Air Defence Corps : Updates & Discussions

    Indian Army has finally selected the South Korean Hanwha K-30 Biho Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun and Mobile Air Defence System to replace the older 2K22 'Tunguska' in service with Indian Army. This will be the second South Korean military equipment with IA after K-9 VAJRA-T Self Propelled...
  5. Ankit Kumar

    Indian Security Forces: Joint Exercises

    This is a dedicated thread to post updates about joint exercises conducted by Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and Police Forces of India with foreign countries. Indian Armed Forces contingents participating in military competitions outside can also be posted and shared here. @nair...
  6. nair

    India - Pakistan Standoff 2019

    There are confirmed reports of IAF crossing 50 km in to Pakistan. and attacking specific targets there...... Developing story
  7. Picdelamirand-oil

    MMRCA 2.0 - Updates and Discussions

    We learned that the government of India has decided not to limit the tender for the air force to only single engine fighter, and so we end up again with a MMRCA style competition. I chose an article that announces this government decision to initialize this topic. Indian Air Force wants...
  8. Ankit Kumar

    Paramilitary and CAPFs of India

    A dedicated thread to collate data, news, updates, pics and discussions on Paramilitary Forces and Central Armed Police Forces of India. Though the Indian Coast Guard is one, but it has its separate thread , so stick to Assam Rifles, SFF , 5 CAPFs and others (NCC, Territorial Army, NDRF, etc)...
  9. Butter Chicken

    Indian Economy : News,Discussions & Updates

    China urges India to join efforts to create ‘mega regional market’ China on Tuesday floated the idea of creating a “mega regional market” with India to mine existing advantages and create new ones within two of the world’s fastest growing economies. “China and India have different political...
  10. Parthu

    Indian Police (Special Units): SWAT & QRTs

    This is a thread dedicated for discussing & keeping up with the developments in the field of Special Weapons And Tactics and/or Quick-Reaction Teams employed by the various Indian states' Police Departments, as well as special units under the control of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs)...
  11. Parthu

    Indian Special Forces

    Use this thread to post all news, pictures & updates (as well as discussions, debates, observations & opinions - regarding any aspect: personnel, equipment, command structure, training etc.) pertaining to the various Special Operations Forces of India. These mainly comprise of: Para (Special...
  12. T

    GTRE Kaveri Engine

    KAVERI- GTX A little bit history about the kaveri engine: The GTRE GTX-35VS Kaveri is a turbofan project developed by the (GTRE), a lab under the DRDO T the Kaveri was originally intended to power production models of the Tejas LCA fighter. This was approx 202 mn $ project initially but cost...
  13. Ashwin

    LCA Tejas Mk1 & Mk1A - News and discussions

    Demolishing Some LCA Tejas Falsehoods “The Tejas is an old design. It has taken 32 long years to develop! And despite being in development for so long, it’s not truly indigenous. It’s heart, the engine, is of foreign origin. So are its weapons and some avionics. Furthermore, it is so deficient...
  14. Ashwin

    Sukhoi Su-30MKI

    Sticky for the beauty queen :love:
  15. S

    Kashmir : Counter Terror Operation Updates and Discussions

    The security forces on Thursday killed four terrorists in two separate encounters in Budgam and Sopore districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The Army, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Jammu and Kashmir Police jointly launched anti-terrorist operations in the Putlipora-Pakharpora area in...
  16. H

    Rafale DH/EH of Indian Air Force : News and Discussions

    Here is the topic to follow on the discussion