1. suryakiran

    Balakot : Hitting Where It Hurts

    The Pakistani Army is a state unto itself. The view that Pakistan is not a state with an army, but the Pakistani Army is an army with a State is not without merit. The way we deal with Pakistan needs to be seen from that perspective. Our failure to formulate a long term strategy at the military...
  2. nair

    India - Pakistan Standoff 2019

    There are confirmed reports of IAF crossing 50 km in to Pakistan. and attacking specific targets there...... Developing story
  3. S

    News Indians giving a visit to Pakistani Embassy in London on Republic day

    Sad to see some khalistanis on Pakistani side but we still overwhelmed them in terms of numbers and spirit.
  4. Ashwin

    PAF in Kargil : A PAF warrior speaks out

    PAF and the Kargil War By M. Kaiser Tufail While the Indians were prompt in setting up an Inquiry Commission into the Kargil fracas, we in Pakistan found it expedient to bury the affair in ‘national interest’. Compared to the Indians, Pakistani writings on the Kargil conflict have been...