Ukraine - Russia Conflict

Both left wing and right wing are frauds. Media drivel to keep peasants distracted.
No. Extreme right wing might be too conservative, but liberal right wing like BJP is perfect for our country. Balanced nationalism(संतुलित राष्ट्रवाद) is the key towards becoming the next great world power.
It's funny how Russian production levels have gone up with even innovations taking place. Newer upgrades are coming and even su-35 is getting an upgrade. We might again get addicted to buying russki weapons.
Nope. The only addiction now we are going to feel is self-reliance in defence and other sectors. Only in high-end weaponry we need Russian assistance(like Zircon or Su-60MKI).

"Oh... what's going on here": in occupied Makiivka, an oil depot caught fire after the flight​

Russian offensive still going well.:ROFLMAO:

Special forces of the SBU helped the Russians "paraskinut mazgami"​

Explosion and fire in Fedosia, Crimea.