Indian AESA Radar Developments


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Dec 2, 2017
How many trms in elm2052? And uttam Mk1?

I don't remember maybe around 700+ I guess for mk1.
It's there in ADA interview, I also posted it somewhere.

Above tweet smaller/ lighter seems odd.
Indranil had given many infos regarding mk2 improvements over mk1.

Why even though radome diameter is reduced radar has higher TRM + reduces drag.
Radar circumference is closer to radome. Etc.

Somewhere reposition er also mentioned in tender.


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Dec 2, 2017
A comparison between the UTTAM Mk1 vs. Mk2 AESA radars going by the info we have so far :

No. of TRMs: ~740 vs. ~1000
Type of antenna: Pincer microstrip patch antenna vs. Tapered Slot Array/Vivaldi Antenna
Semi-conductor: GaAs vs. GaN HEMT
Range: >100 km vs. >160 km for a target with 1 sq. m. RCS
Operating frequency: X band for both
Modes of operation: Same for both
Manufacturer: BEL vs. BEL/AMPL

The Mk2 will outperform the Mk1 in every metric while being dimensionally smaller than the Mk1. It will also outperform the Elta EL/M-2032. Photos we have of the UTTAM Mk2. from documents so far:
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@Ankit Kumar

Everytime I read it, it amazes me.. Page 22
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Feb 6, 2020
How good is that compared to say one in Strike Eagle (AN\APG 82 V2 i believe) in terms of Hardware and software.
The one on the f15 use GaAs and has around 1500 trm. Hardware quality-wise the mk 2 is ahead but I doubt our software is anywhere near that good. Plus the ones on ex can use their radar to do jamming similar to the f-35. The true comparison can only be done with the uttam variant that the sukhoi's will get.


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Aug 17, 2022
Why HAl gets it? Astra Microwave or some other would have been better? This L1 bid process need a reviewing with capability as major contributing factor. Could even make 2 separate companies make the radar ie ToT to both and see which perform better? I read somewhere that Astra Microwave now make GaN based stuff.
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