Ukraine - Russia Conflict


During @TuckerCarlson's interview with the psychopathic Khuylo, there was a moment when he realized he had entered the fictional world of Russian lies and propaganda and it only got worse from there.

Anyone trying to analyze the interview is wasting their time. Poland did not invade Nazi Germany and start WWII anymore than his claims that Ukraine and NATO are to blame for the war he started. It is not a good sign when you have to justify one lie by creating another.

The only thing I got out of it is that the Khuylo is mental and lives in a fantasy world of half-truths and outright deceptions. So, when he was given the opportunity to rationally explain himself to the world, he was utterly incapable of spinning things in a way that make sense to normal people who know the true history of the world.

Because of this, his interview can only be viewed as a presidential campaign speech aimed at Russians and not an attempt to convince free thinkers that Russia's war of aggression is justified.The result is that the interview backfired on Tucker and those who claimed in the build-up to it that it would "blow away all of the false narratives in the MSM about the war." In fact, it did the complete opposite.
Russia using chemical weapons again.


west has literally turned this into a d*** measuring contest. :ROFLMAO:

By the way reagan had more hair but he was also like biden , senile.
Putin's the one who wears a diaper.

Here's a breakdown on the interview. Listen to the first 90s in case you can't make it all the way through. Even Tucker was disappointed. He was trying to sell Putin as someone they could do business with, instead he got a rambling liar, prepared to embellish well known and accepted historical facts.

France promised to hand over eight SDZ demining machines to Ukraine. What is known about them?
  • SDZ (Zone Demining System) is a French unmanned system designed to quickly create safe lanes through minefields in intense combat conditions.​
  • Controlled remotely by one person using a remote control visually (direct visibility) or through installed video cameras (operator can be in armored vehicles or shelter).​
  • The SDZ hull is resistant to anti-tank mines.​
  • In an hour, the machine is capable of demining a strip 250 m long and 2 m wide at a depth of up to 30 cm.​
  • In addition to demining, SDZ can make passages in forests and be used as an engineering technique (dig trenches, dugouts, including in hard rocks).​
looks like after failure on the battlefield and receiving severe thrashing , all the nazi supporters have become body language experts. :ROFLMAO:
I wouldnt be surprised if they discovered a new organ in putin or claim he is an alien.
Putin made a fool of himself. He depicted himself as a dishonest madman by completely changing historical facts. No one will deal with him now.

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west has literally turned this into a d*** measuring contest. :ROFLMAO:

By the way reagan had more hair but he was also like biden , senile.
Reagan became senile after Presidency not during. There are plenty of videos of his late second term and he's nowhere near Biden. The claim of Reagan becoming senile during presidency is by his queer/ballerina/woke son who hated daddy. Reagan started showing symptoms in early 90's and in 94 was diagnosed.
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