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Nov 30, 2017
P 75 I has already failed

The walking out by Foreign OEMs was a rude but necessary reality for GOI

High Technology CANNOT be bought , no matter how much you are willing to pay

Otherwise CHINA would buy All High Tech companies in the world

We must wake up and smell the Coffee 😴

The tender is not dead yet. The fav to win is still around, and there is also a second competitor, so it's not a single vendor situation yet.

The amount of technology transfer we are looking for is still acceptable to many companies.


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Nov 30, 2017
If we put all the available resources then having a prototype vessel in water by 2030 is very doable in my opinion.
Ofcourse the first iteration would be not the best in the world but still should be contemporary.

No chance. The P-76 has to begin its design stage first. By the time that gets done and all the approvals are in place, it's gonna be a minimum of 3-4 years before construction begins. Even the SSN is gonna take 6 years from approval to start of construction. Our very first class could take a minimum of 10-12 years to get commissioned.

If the tender fails, I'd say we should start P-76 under MDL, and L&T should get into a GTG for 3 subs (+3 options) with Korea or Japan, along the lines of MRCBF. Once those 3 are delivered, IN can choose to build options or more P-76.

Their attempt towards a monopoly, which should be thwarted.


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Jun 22, 2021
La Défense, France
(…) Prasad also cited an incident during the pandemic when personnel from the technology partner left abruptly.

Now, to get them back once again, with complete airfare, the cost of deputation etc is exorbitant,” he added.

Is this Indian humour?


He mentions “two foreign strategic partners to choose from” for the P-75I program.
I thought there was only DSME left, Navantia’s AIP not being in use…


Nov 2, 2020
MDL CMD is essentially saying they just got manufacturing know how - build to print. DCNS is not sharing anything beyond that. Its not know if that was in the contract or they reneged.
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