Indo-Israeli Barak-8 / MRSAM

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The article kind of looks bent ? The top part is sort of slightly not in line?
ts because the ship is rolling. See the structure behind the missile. Ship is rolling to right as you see the picture but in reality it is rolling to the left.
hmm hmm ah ok that makes sense, thank you. Kinda scary though for test firing.
No its not as the missile is so designed that it auto corrects itself after being fired in heavy rolling and pitching conditions. Thats why you just cant go and put any missile system onboard a warship. It has to be tuned to overcome the rolling and pitching conditions at sea on board a warship.
Found this tech consultant recruitment notice of RCI from December 2022, kind of implies how the LRSAM is now termed MRSAM by the user groups (IN & IAF). It was LRSAM (IN & IAF) all along.


Coincides nicely with navy testing from ship for a sea skimming target tbh

and more, there were 2 posts, the 2nd post was for 18 months schedule. This part was a bit detailed re the milestones so not posting in public. Have the pdf & can send in pm.

Akash is too heavy :cry: maybe its slimmer now.
Do we know the exact weight of Akash-NG? Some estimated it to be around 350kgs. Barak-8/MRSAM is 275kgs. Let's see what our LRSAM turns out to be. More chances are of it being MRSAM + Booster. But, I will be pleasantly surprised(and more happy) if it turns out to be Akash-NG with booster.
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Now, I am painting a very faint picture in my mind.

MRSAM + M1/M2/M3 Booster can possibly be 3 new missiles.
Well their nomenclature is very confusing. It is possible just proto units & 1 is chosen. They probably also denote M1A & M1B sections as airframe and booster. At present tenders are based on this M1. Booster seems to be 350mm dia so lets see where it goes. two user services have their own demand as well. Which is why BDL is lead integrator for one service IAF related work, BEL is for another, probably the navy.

It is possible previous testing was the LRSAM/MRSAM where it stuck a sea skimming object?
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