Indo-Israeli Barak-8 / MRSAM

Rail Guided Metallic Canister for M1 Article/DRDL/PGLRSAM/

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Moving to that phase where they issue sow for various fixtures for shock and vibration , pressure test etc.

Last test of MRSAM where they posted that video of a sea skimming target , it was possibly an Exocet dummy missile.
Well it was XRSAM from beginning, and not much has changed other than specs getting stretched and new threat perception taking hold. I guess even the IAF got bored with keeping the lid on.
The interesting part is that this project has been given approval by the Defence Ministry. Last update was it has gone for approval but now this is really positive development.
IAF want to become an obsolete airforce like RuAF i fear. They solely focused on SAMs by ignoring fighters, force multipliers, EW attack aircrafts. No country will win a war with SAMs, we have examples from arab israel war, gulf war & the ongoing Russian performance in Ukrain.
Jalandhar, Punjab: On the Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) air defence system being deployed at Adampur air base, Wing Commander Ajit Bhaskar Vasane says, "...This is the latest state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile system that the Indian Air Force has inducted in the forces... MRSAM ensures that the entire airspace is safe and secure... Air defence of the airspace of the country is a vast subject altogether. We have a full-set procedure on how to tackle any threats...You have to first identify what platform is hostile or friendly. Having done that, the entire system now knows how to deal with it. Depending on distances, there are various platforms or assets that will tackle it, called layered defence... MRSAM, being part of it, will deal with the threat as and when it is ordered to neutralize the threat...It is a matter of pride for the Indian Air Force and Armed Forces..."

1 MRSAM FU consists of:

1. LB-MFSTAR - 1
2. Combat Managemnet System - 1
3. Mobile Power System - 1
4. Radar Power System - 1
5. Mobile Launcher System - 3
6. Ready to Fire Missiles - 24
7. Reloader Vehicles - 3 (having 8 missiles each)
8. Field Service Vehicles - 1
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IAF mrsam project completion date is before Feb 2024, ie for delivery of systems, vehicles etc & related work post delivery in co-ordination with the industry and DRDO.

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For all the 9 squadrons? Cool.

9 squadrons make 18 FU. Each FU has 48 missiles. So, the total would be 864 missiles.
That was not mentioned, it was from a 2022 tender to hire the team that would execute the order between industry & user under DRDO supervision. But likely yeah, for the entire duration of the sow part.