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TC20 looks different

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Yes the back pic is from some time ago, I also thought it was a combo of grad and pinaka. This is just the launcher so we know all the mbrl can be fired off same vehicle.
DRDO LRGR tender 300mm one had stipulated 5.5meter long rocket, which can cover 120km in that length. Solar groups maheshwarastra etc must be of their own standard. The range they are targeting, 130km & 250km, rocket length must increase.
Can you mount a 250km arty system on a ship or is that bit low for standoff distance?
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In 2016, India placed an order with the USA after signing a Rs 5,000-Crore-deal, for 145 M777 ultra-light Howitzers. This was the first major artillery deal with the USA in decades. The first batch of 25 of these guns were delivered off the shelf by British arms company BAE Systems in two years. The remaining were assembled by Mahindra Defence, which has a tie-up with BAE Systems, tested and integrated in India.

The timely acquisition of these guns, which can be carried underhung by heavy lift helicopters like the Chinook, met our operational requirements and gave the army flexibility especially along the mountainous border with China. All M777 howitzers currently in use by the Army have been deployed along the LAC and were also used in Galwan.
I know we should not compare anything but man this looks awesome.


We should totally get inspired by something like this.
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MoD initiates the procurement process for another set of K-9 Vajra howitzers​

The Indian Army has initiated a fresh batch of 155mm/ 52 calibre tracked self-propelled howitzer K9 Vajra-T. It is learnt that the repeat order is making progress under the procurement process.

Same version or upgraded version [ automatic turret, rubberized track for wt reduction ] ?

Least we should do because of wasting years is go for upgraded model
Wow Dhanush range I thought was max 40km at stretch. If its really 48km then ATAGS with base bleed ammo could do 52-55km quite normally, I mean with good accuracy.