1. suryakiran

    Gunner's Shot - The Old Order Passeth

    The Old Order Passeth When the Artillery Profile 2027 was written in 2008, it was visualised that the 130 mm Catapult and 160mm Tempella Heavy Mortars would de decommissioned and made obsolete in a couple of years. However that was not to be for many reasons. Finally these guns are being laid...
  2. Techy

    Is it possible to install Rocket Launchers like Pinaka on Arjun Chassis?

    Hi Friends, we all know Arjun chassis is very robust and can be in multiple roles (based on available literature). In past, we have discussed at lengths about Arjun Chassis being used as self-propelled Artillery with Denel gun or M-146. There was a talk of Tank X(Karna if I am not wrong) by...
  3. ni8mare

    Indian Army Air Artillery, SHORAD, VSHORAD & Radar Systems

    The Union Minister for Defence, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman being briefed about the latest AESA-based Atulya Radar at the Military Radar and Missile Systems outdoor test facility of BEL-Bangalore by the CMD, BEL, Shri M.V. Gowtama, during her visit to BEL, in Bangalore on January 09, 2018.
  4. T

    Indian Army Artillery Systems : News and Updates

    40 ATAGS Artillery Guns for LSP to be ordered..!! DAC under the Aegis of Defence Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, has cleared a proposal for production of 40 pcs. of ATAGS Artillery Guns for Limited Series Production (LSP), for user trials by the Army according to a DRDO monthly newsletter...