1. suryakiran

    Pakistani economic activity picking up in Davos

    Pakistani Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, is supposedly having a very successful economic trip to Davos as per his tweet. "Really happy to have bumped into PM @Xavier_Bettel of Luxembourg at Davos. Who has a special message for everyone about Pakistani Mangoes! I’ve been on a mission...
  2. suryakiran

    Karachi Stock Exchange under attack

    Karachi Stock Exchange seems to have been attacked by gunmen. Casualties are being reported. Update is awaited. I guess, this was the false flag operation IK Niazi was talking about. At least he was open and honest that false flag is going to happen.
  3. suryakiran

    Help Imran Khan Niazi decide

    After a question posed by a prominent Indian journalists, I thought of running a poll. Please debate in a.....ahem.....civilised manner
  4. suryakiran

    Balakot : Hitting Where It Hurts

    The Pakistani Army is a state unto itself. The view that Pakistan is not a state with an army, but the Pakistani Army is an army with a State is not without merit. The way we deal with Pakistan needs to be seen from that perspective. Our failure to formulate a long term strategy at the military...
  5. safriz

    Ababeel MIRV

    Shaheen-3 and Ababeel use the same warhead. Shaheen-3 carries one and Ababeel carries three of the same warhead. The warhead is a strategic yield fission fusion device which is about 0.74 meter wide and 2 meter tall. Fitting three of these in the Ababeel warhead casing which is 3.4 meters tall...
  6. Levina

    Pakistan deploys more troops along LoC, Indian Army keeps watch

    Pakistan deploys more troops along LoC, Indian Army keeps watch The Pakistan army has now moved troops from Kotli, Mirpur and even Rawalpindi to match Indian deployment on the LoC , Indian army officers said on condition of anonymity. INDIA Updated: Mar 25, 2018 10:01 IST Shishir Gupta...
  7. S

    News Indians giving a visit to Pakistani Embassy in London on Republic day

    Sad to see some khalistanis on Pakistani side but we still overwhelmed them in terms of numbers and spirit.
  8. NRJ

    Haqqani terrorist, 2 others killed in US drone strike in NW Pakistan

    PESHAWAR: At top terrorist of the Haqqani network along with two others were killed today when a US drone struck a home near Pakistan's restive tribal Kurram agency bordering Afghanistan, media reports said. Two missiles were fired from the drone at the house in Speen Thall area - on the...
  9. Ashwin

    JF-17 Thunder & PAF : Updates & Discussions

    THE JF-17 I: A WAVE OF CHANGE FOR THE PAKISTAN AIR FORCE With three operational squadrons, I felt it was a good time to take a deeper look at the JF-17 Thunder, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF)’s new backbone fighter. Since the first prototype’s rollout in 2003, I was immersed in following the fine...
  10. S

    Pakistan starts evaluation process of new Chinese VT4 tank

    The Pakistani military has initiated an assessment of new Chinese VT4 main battle tanks (MBT), previously known as the MBT3000. According to the Chinese social media, the first Pakistani specialists began testing the VT4 MBT developed by the NORINCO defense company. Some sources reported that...
  11. Ginvincible

    Pakistan test-fires naval cruise missile ‘Harba’

    Pakistan test-fires naval cruise missile ‘Harba’ "The missile is capable of hitting its target from surface to surface and ground assault," the Pakistan Navy said in a statement. Naval Chief Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi witnessed the test launch. (Representational photo) The Pakistan Navy on...
  12. Aashish

    News Donald Trump attacks Pakistan claiming 'they have given us nothing but lies and deceit' in return for $33bn aid

    Donald Trump attacks Pakistan claiming 'they have given us nothing but lies and deceit' in return for $33bn aid Donald Trump has accused Pakistan of “lies and deceit,” saying the US was “foolish” to have given the country more than $33bn in aid. The American President launched the scathing...
  13. Aashish

    News Who attacked Musharraf?

    Who attacked Musharraf? Zaffar Abbas Updated about 15 hours agoLike Pakistani soldiers stand guard near the damaged cars of Gen. Pevez Musharraf’s motorcade in Rawalpindi Amajor in-camera military trial has been underway at the sixteenth-century Attock Fort, a military facility that doubles...
  14. S

    Analysis Pakistani Army Units

    Does anyone here track the movement of Paak Army units for deployment or exercises?
  15. S

    Is Chhota Shakeel dead? 2 versions of how he died, and an audioclip, surface

    Chhota Shakeel (full name Mohammed Shakeel Babu Miyan Shaikh), the trusted lieutenant of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, may be dead, according to an informant who reached out to Hindustan Times amid buzz in crime circles. Hindustan Times has in its possession an audio clip of a conversation...
  16. Aashish

    How did North Korea get its nuclear weapons?

    How did North Korea get its nuclear weapons? By Martin Williams 21 NOV 2017 As tensions between America and North Korea simmer, politicians around the world have stepped into condemn Kim Jong-un’s threats of nuclear war. “The North Korean regime is the cause of this problem and they must fix...
  17. T

    Vijay Diwas: When Lt Gen Niazi-led 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to Indian Army in 1971

    India is today celebrating Vijay Diwas to mark the victory of our soldiers during the 1971 War. It is on this day in 1971 when our soldiers gave India its finest moment with victory over Pakistan which resulted in creation of Bangladesh. As the nation pays rich tributes to the heroes of 1971...
  18. Manmohan_MMY

    Balochistan : News, Discussions & Updates

    Pakistan nabs 11 freedom fighters from Balochistan and brands them as terrorists Pakistani security forces on Sunday arrested 11 militants during intelligence based operations in the country's Balochistan province and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition, an official said...