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This looks quite similar to that loitering ammo proto that was on stand in the research lab, which Paradox sir shared before, quite a long time ago. If I find that back will post.
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NewSpace Research and Technologies demonstrates its #cuttingedge lightweight #PYGMY Vision based kinetic attack drone platform. The video demonstrates its various attributes. Can be air and ground launched, equipped with third party payloads. The simple interface and vehicle level #autonomy does away with the need for extensive drone operater skill, enabling all tiers of warfighters to carry the same on person and make it ready for ops in less than 30 seconds. Will be a disruptive asset towards offensive and defensive missions in the #TBA.#MakeInIndia #AtmanirbharBharat
[Video] NewSpace Research and Technologies on LinkedIn: #cuttingedge #pygmy #autonomy #tba #makeinindia #atmanirbharbharat
Hopefully I wouldn't mind seeing another little bird for AMCA from ADE
CATS itself is multi domain and would be integrated with command control with amca as well perhaps. The warrior itself is very interesting stealth concept with iwb and everything. Next comes the semi expendable options ie those Lm types. So if implemented well, these are good value addition/force multipliers. However with our uav track record, there will be lot of crashes too.

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However with our uav track record, there will be lot of crashes too.
Just part of the learning process as for my idea I gave it cause I have heard they might be thinking about another bird for AMCA before not sure about now will have to wait for another Aero India

NAL has put out a video of their sub-scale HAPS drone tests:

The test flight took place at the ATR Chitradurga facility. In the background of the HAPS being assembled you can see one Tapas & 3 SWiFT drones.