1. Gautam

    Unmanned Aerial / Underwater / Ground Vehicles : News and Updates

    From DRDO to BPCL, India’s first underwater drone, EyeROV Tuna, finds many takers Kerala-based startup develops India's first commercial portable drone that can be used for underwater inspections. Today, the robot comes very handy for location scouting for search and rescue mission...
  2. S

    Asteria Aerospace : Making state-of-the-art Top Secret Drones in India

    Surveillance drone picks up some movement along the line of control triggering an alarm at the command centre. The commander in charge, en route a meeting, receives an alert on his mobile. He manoeuvres the drone from his mobile to zoom in for a closer look at the half a dozen infiltrators...
  3. Ashwin

    Indian Procurement of US Drones (Reaper and Avenger UAVs)

    Tech upgrade: US kicks off procedure to release drones to IAF The US government has commenced its internal process to release armed Avenger (formerly Predator C) drones to the Indian Air Force (IAF). The acquisition of these machines is strategically important for New Delhi given the region’s...