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There is a manned unmanned teaming on tanks EOI from last month posted. Seems very interesting (mostly cos i and probably many others have been advocating exactly such system combo for months now)



The DAC has also accorded AoN for procurement of Ground-Based Autonomous System for mechanised infantry and armoured regiments which will enable various operations like unmanned surveillance, logistic delivery of ammunition, fuel & spares and casualty evacuation in the battle field.

There is some Iron bird testing facility tender by ADE, for some futuristic manned and unmanned aircraft programs. I am not sure what it is for, maybe the one shown in ADA presentations? who knows.



Is it not odd that all these uav loitering munition we see being made here have huge flat wings, while an actual delta wing version and an X wing both are performing very well in an war environment. Only newspace had some originality in their product.