Ukraine - Russia Conflict

Good riddance to bad rubbish. The wages of sin is death: deliberately choosing to side with evil means that you end up getting abducted and beheaded by the psychopaths you decided to assist.
Substation was damaged as result of drone attack in Maloyaroslavets district of Kaluga region

Lukoil oil depot was targeted by drones in Kardymovo village of Smolensk region​

Satellite imagery shows signs of damage to part of Russia's 29B6 Container radar which covers the black sea.
Footage of combat work in Ukraine, Russian BMP-2M, the location of the shooting is not reported. BMP-2M is a modernized version of the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, technical information in the video link in the comments to the video. BMP-2M of the Pskov paratroopers, supposedly breaking through to the rear of the Ukrainian army for a landing. Incredibly, the BMP-2M withstood two FPV drone attacks, an RPG attack and a cluster munition attack, as will be shown at the end of the video. Perhaps the BMP-2M had additional armor, since such an attack is difficult even for a tank to withstand. The armored vehicle commander reportedly received a slight concussion as a result of the attack.


The bill also allows Biden to confiscate and sell Russian assets and provide the money to Ukraine to finance reconstruction, a move that has been embraced by other G7 nations.