Ukraine - Russia Conflict


Footage of an attack by Ukrainian naval drones on the Russian large landing ship Caesar Kunikov, Project 775, which we previously talked about. The attack at 6.15 am almost abeam Yalta was carried out by a Ukrainian unit called Group 13, equipped with MAGURA V5 maritime drones. It is unknown what purpose the landing ship Caesar Kunikov had, but at the moment, not a single ship in the world can repel a massive attack by sea drones. Putting this ship out to sea was quite a risky endeavor; unlike other ships of Project 775, it does not have AK-630 artillery mounts and has nothing to repel an attack with. Judging by the video, the ship tilted and capsized on one of its sides. According to the Ukrainian media, the ship "Caesar Kunikov" sank; Russian media do not confirm this.

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Interesting to note it was pretty much a direct hit, indicating that enemy EW did not have much effect. Also interesting is that it was 60km behind enemy lines, so the Grads were not in a position where they could even hit their own front line troops, let alone the enemy.

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