Ukraine - Russia Conflict

Footage of an attack by two Ukrainian FPV drones on a Russian T-72B3 tank, this is a modernization of the tank created in 2011. FPV drones were equipped with warheads from RKG-3EM hand-held cumulative grenades; the RKG-3EM series grenade is capable of penetrating up to 220 mm of armor. RKG-3 grenades were actively used in the Soviet army before the advent of the RG-18 grenade launcher. Reportedly, this attack occurred in the Krasnolimansky direction, where two tanks stormed a stronghold of the Ukrainian army; for an unknown reason, the grenades mounted on the drones did not work. The video has been shortened.


The Pentagon’s original goal was to build 85,000 of the rounds per month by fiscal 2028. It’s currently on pace to reach 100,000 per month by FY25, LaPlante said, and at least 57,000 a month by spring 2024.

Short. War. Day 570. Video digest / Briefly. War. Day 570. Video digest​

A video of the use of the FAB-500M62 air bomb by Russian aviation has been published. A FAB-500 gliding bomb was struck by a temporary station for the Ukrainian army in Berislav.

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