Going for the ak 203 wasn't a bad idea. You can't make a better ak than the Russians and we never had proper tooling to make ak's unlike the Chinese who got it in the 50's. But atleast for carbine and battle rifle a local solution could have been easily offered. That's the biggest blunder.
What about sss defense AK imitation, its look really nice in appearance.
What about sss defense AK imitation, its look really nice in appearance.
To be honest it's mediocre but atleast they are offering the vortex holographics. I wonder why IA never asked the Russians to get their ak's customised by zenitco. Russians would love some business. I would have loved if IA had asked the Russians to upgrade their ak's. But SSS mod job is not bad for an Indian company.
The spetsnaz in syria were using ak-74 and 100 series in these specs
images - 2022-05-08T051929.531.jpeg

It's primarily done by zenitco and offers various ak upgrades.
This is how civilian ak's look upgraded by zenitco
images - 2022-05-08T052246.942.jpeg

This is their site. And the Russian spetsnaz primarily uses them to upgrade their ak's for spec op or counter insurgency roles.
This is what fsb alfa uses for its missions. Compare them to what the para's will be using
images - 2022-05-08T052545.538.jpeg

This is the ss defence upgrade
images - 2022-05-08T052755.618.jpeg

Although similar in capability you can see how different tactically the ak's will be used. While the Russians are on par with west in terms of using c clamp while we are atleast a decade behind them.
SSS could have offered similar but I don't think anybody in IA truly has any serious interest or institutional knowledge about small arms and techniques that are being developed.
SSS upgrade is good but could have been better.
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You deduced this by looking at pictures?. 😑
Nah because it's short stroke piston. So logically should be more reliable than the sig 716. Most modern militaries are switching to short stroke piston design except for Russia. But they need to make a 7.62x51 variant for p-72.
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It was the thewire which reported.
And their journalistic integrity is down the gutter. It would be extremely idiotic for the army to not order more sig 716's. I feel the government should just do a deal with the Americans and ask sig USA to produce sig 716 and sig MCX in India.
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