Feb 16, 2019
Tripura, NE, India
Some recent developments in the Indian small arms space :

Astr Defence is doing quite well. They started showcasing their early gun prototypes just a couple of years ago. In just a couple of years they have developed a modern 9x19mm pistol for military & police:


Modern striker fired guns are getting very popular in the military. Navy MARCOS are known to use IWI-PLR Masada 9x19mm suppressed pistol:

Don't know if Astr Defence pistol is suppressor compatible yet. That is a critical requirement for military customers.

Astr Defence have now launched a 0.32 cal version of their ATAL pistol for the civilian market:
Screenshot (922).png



Astr is also developing an assault rifle and a 9x19mm PDW. Here are some videos they put out recently:

Webley & Scott have also launched a 1911 pattern 0.45 cal pistol manufactured in Lucknow in JV with an Indian company:

This is both for civillian & military users. I doubt they will get many military sales. The Army & Navy has used the 1911 as their standard issue sidearm for decades now. They are slowing moving to striker fired guns like Glock17 & 19. Spec Ops had moved to Glocks a long time ago. Now regular forced are catching up.

W&S are also working on a 0.32 ACP pistol:

Lokesh Machine Ltd. are making the ASMI 9x19mm PDW prototypes for ARDE. Those prototypes are for user trials. Lokesh Machines would be the manufacturer if the gun successfully completes user trials.

Kalyani/Bharat Forge & SSS Defence was competing in a tender to become the development & production partner for the ARDE's 5.56x45 cal carbine:

No updates on this have been available for almost 2 years. Now just a few days back Kalyani/Bharat Forge received a small arms manufacturing license. Wonder if they managed to win the tender or is it an un-related development.