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We should ignore such animals, how in the world can those ppl know more abt us than ourselves? Indians accusing each other has some merit but some foreigner in a foreign country doing that is plain propaganda. The issue is more or less ourselves, why do we want to be validated or accepted by others especially goras ?
We can’t bro. We have to learn to raise our voices for what is truth, otherwise such kind of people will declare us as subhumans unable to govern ourselves ( like what that Churchill scum used to say about us).

Ignoring is not an option for such kind of Pseudo-historians, who justify all the cruelty and religious zealotry of Aurangzeb and his ilk just because they both hate us. They don’t accept what these killers themselves have boastfully written in books like Baburnama and bring some obscure references of trivial things like donating land for Temple rebuilding etc to declare them as tolerant.

His Desi cousins like Romila Thapar and Irfan Habibs too should be confronted for manipulating our history books just to make those killers and plunderers look good, all just so that a particular community that follows same religion should continue to glorify these foreign invaders. It’s hypocrisy.
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That’s extreme. People are getting really pissed off to take such steps.
Also shows that everyone of us, be it from South or North, Nort East or Kashmir loves our country and is willing to sacrifice for it.
PS: People (including me) used to think that since South suffered very little invasion and brutality historically, hence Southees are less patriotic. But this unfortunate tragedy showed that this is not the case. Even the Stalin, whom I consider as language chauvinist and opportunistic politician who quite often gives very controversial statements, was very quick to go physically to pay tribute to the fallen Soldiers.
And public reaction was just whole another level. Highly emotional and patriotic
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Not a single North Indian as ISRO chief after Satish Dhawan. If some in south India think they are good scientists then obviously in North India , they are good fighters why you want to ruin the fighting skills and security apparatus of India by showing your presence? Is madras lobby at work?

२४ तास झाले नाही, तोचं प्रचंड धावपळ करुन शशीभाऊने नव्या भारतीय विश्वसुंद्रीची भेट घेतलीचं..तडजोड नाही. 🤣 फोकस ऐसा होना चाहिए 😉

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२४ तास झाले नाही, तोचं प्रचंड धावपळ करुन शशीभाऊने नव्या भारतीय विश्वसुंद्रीची भेट घेतलीचं..तडजोड नाही. 🤣 फोकस ऐसा होना चाहिए 😉

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Hello Sir , why have you been ignoring me ever since you came back

Did I offend you in some manner 😔

One of the places suspected to have been the last refuge of the Neanderthals is , you've guessed it right , Ireland.

Apparently Europeans carry as much as 2% Neanderthal genes in them ( percentages vary , of course ) but it's generally thought to be much more in who else but the Irish.

You see Paddy , there's always a simple explanation for everything including why are the Irish , erm - how do I put it , the way they are ? Next time anybody critiques or ridicules the Irish , send them the link to this video.

NO need to thank me . It's always a pleasure to help out . @BMD