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Dec 6, 2017
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All aircraft go through that after they exist the assembly line. For prototypes it's called development test, for production aircraft it's called factory test.

It's a CGI though. But it should be what the real thing looks like.

Anyway only the Mk2 has wingtip stations. And the CGI has it.
Kuntal Biswas is just a Graphic Designer. How can he get access to the Actual MK2 which is under design phase ?
It’s just a fan art
Here’s authentic pic from aero India 21


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Dec 2, 2017
Wasn't F-414 first approved for Mk1a? I clearly remember reading about it.

No we ordered F414 for Mk2, that time mk1A program didn't exist.

In fact we even received 1or 2 engines.
But rest of the full order is still pending I think.

In this report for Mk1A, F404 deal is getting finalized.

We even read reports few years back that F404 production is getting over.

Luckily nothing serious happened.

I hope F404 ordered this time also have some improvement s.


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Dec 4, 2017
Wasn't F-414 first approved for Mk1a? I clearly remember reading about it.

The whole idea of MK 2 with a Bigger Thrust engine is to have More Internal Fuel and More Hard points ie More Payload Capacity , along with IRST

Mk1 A will only have a AESA and a Better Maintainability due to some changes in Line Replaceable Units -- LRUs
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Nov 30, 2017
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a top officer has confirmed to Financial Express Online “The Company will be responding to the RfP from RMAF for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) `Tejas’. And it has to be sent at the end of September.”

“At a vanilla price of just Rs 309 crore per aircraft, the export version of the fighters are going to be different from those which are going to be inducted in the Indian Air Force (IAF),” he added.