Indian team goes abroad to scout for assault rifles, carbines for armed forces

Lastly > little known fact, When FNFAL> SLR1 was being introduced in india, Indian Army did not have enough of the rifles, so they converted Lee Enfield SMLE to fire 7.62x51Nato. Incidentally Ishapore SMLE chambered in 7.62x51 nato made it to US civilian markets and is one of the most sought after SMLE's out there right alongside Rhodesian and South African SMLE's and SMLE Jungle Carbines.

i didn't know that. thanks.

Off topic, but other than bongs, i seldom here the term "ichapore" its always sounds ishapore, I enjoyed that - thanks .

boing....boing....bong! :whistle:
India has developed a new rifle as per specs of IA but now IA is making a fool of the nation. This new rifle is based on the most formidable 7.62 SLR. I will anyday go for that rifle.
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Can you post
it is actually based on a 7.62x51 nato version of Iszmash Saiga, it still uses a long stroke derived from the AK, recoil spring is housed above the receiver. wendy's lunch time
The image? Is it based on the svchk?
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