Indian Army Air Defence Corps : Updates & Discussions

DAC also accorded approval of procurement of Air Defence Guns and Ammunition at an approx. cost of Rs 6,000 crore under the Buy & Make (Indian) category for #IndianArmy
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Upgraded by Israeli El-bit of Indian Army ZU-23-2 AAA, upgrade consist of fully automated system with elector-optical pod with Radar & MFD for gunner, a good drone killer..


Indian Air force Pechora SAM at eastern borders of India, video from 90s..


Indian Army Kvadrat SAM system in action, firing drill at air-defense college.


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The army issued RFI for Air defence guns and ammunition.


Video Footage Of Hanwha Defense K30 Biho SPAAG Trails In India From 2017 Which Actually Cleared Trails, Issue with the K-30 as company offered 2D Doppler radar not as per RfP & work only during the fair weather, Outdated & old, Russian Pantsir has 3D radar, But failed Mobility test can't climb 30degree gradient.