British/Italian Tempest (GCAP) Fighter : News and Discussion

With that much power DEW would become a reality for this fighter jet. NGAD also should have this ability.
Yes, and solid state phased array laser developments make those the likely choice, meaning that the laser beam will be able to be aimed in the same way that a radar directs its beam as it scans.
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UK is building a manned stealth demonstrator to validate their RCS/EM reduction techniques in the real world which 'wont be representative of the final design' as well as using Eurofighter as a testbed and converting a 757 into a flying lab named Excalibur with 28 tons of instruments to test the distributed sensors and nose.
And I believe Italy has greenlit a demonstrator to be built as well though not heard much on it.
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Top left: Concept 5
Top right: F-3
Bottom Left: P.189-17B
Bottom Right: 'GCAP'

2035 is when it's due in service apparently.