Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launching System


Feb 16, 2019
Tripura, NE, India
The Pinaka MBRLS has been in service for a while and has also seen active combat. Over the years the system has evolved considerably and will likely continue to do so. In view of this, it will be easier to keep track of the progress of the system with a separate thread. Let's use this thread to report any progress related to the Pinaka system.

I'll kick us off :

Size comparison of the different versions :
Screenshot (568).png

Screenshot (569).png

Screenshot (570).png

Screenshot (571).png

Screenshot (572).png

Some fuzes :
Screenshot (573).png

Screenshot (574).png

Screenshot (575).png

Screenshot (576).png

A rocket being loaded onto a launching pod :
Evolution of tail fins :
Screenshot (588).png

Screenshot (587).png

Screenshot (594).png

Screenshot (595).png

Screenshot (596).png

Different pods :
Screenshot (589).png

Guidance kit :
Screenshot (590).png

Screenshot (591).png

Comparison of size :
Screenshot (592).png

Spec sheet :
Screenshot (593).png

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Will this do ?

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Pinaka missile was experimented with to develop it further for anti armour use. The initial warhead options were pre-fragmented and incendiary. Later a Restricted High Explosive(RHE) option was added. Around early 2010, DRDO research papers had details about use of remote delivery sub-munitions type warhead for Pinaka. The photo above is from one such paper. The pic on the left is a schematic view of how the warhead would deploy the sub munitions and the right side pic shows one of the early prototypes of 2 sub-munitions of different sizes.

Then began the experimentation with Explosively Formed Penetrators/shaped charge warheads etc.. Here are some of the many photos out there :
View attachment 11005View attachment 11004View attachment 11003View attachment 11002View attachment 11001View attachment 11000View attachment 10999

As our expertise at EFP grew so did our ideas on how to deploy them against enemy. But that's for a later post.

Meanwhile around 2015 there was a interesting tender. It was for Vane type Parachute system Type A as per spec. no. ARDE/Pinaka/Parachute/01/2015 as per list 3. It was supposed to be used on Pinaka Mk2 to deliver "remotely delivered munitions". Link seems to have expired as the tender was closed.

The parachute to be procured was designed by the Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment(ADRDE), Agra. The design was based on the Parachute Tactical Assault-High Speed(PTA-HS) design. Just a much smaller simpler version of the same . The design would be handed over to private industry under full ToT for them to mass manufacture it. This is what the original design looks like :

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The Pinaka Mk2 has been tested quite a few times in the subsequent years. It was tested in 2016, 17, 18 and 19. Noting more has been heard of this warhead after 2015. But given DRDO's expertise on rocketry I'll wager they will develop it successfully, if they haven't done so already.

As for its current status, I reckon it is still under testing. But your guess is as good as mine.

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Excellent thread,
Pinaka mk1 & mk2 will get phased out ?
Because Mk1 enhanced and guided pinaka provide additional range at same wt , war head and caliber
PLAGF's rocket force could overwhelm and flatten our command structures, given their MBRL/MRLS platforms have 300km range and a huge inventory. We should ensure sizable investments are put into our rocket force
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Nice new images of the Godrej & Boyce's Pinaka assembly line.
They have announced a partnership with Ordnance Factory Chandrapur to develop an automated Pinaka rocket assembly line.
View attachment 17409
View attachment 17410
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Not super important but why do our factories look like some old lathe factory. Most of the ppl might argue that factories cannot be maintained spick & span but it shows more professionalism and importance for the work being done. I expected the facility would be like a car manufacturing facility. Those two ladies (one of the holding a broom?) who are chit chatting with large thrash bin makes the place charmingly Indian!
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Semi automated?
The raw materials to stage preparation & fuel bonding is semi-automated. That has been the case for a while.
What attomated there?
The assembly of the stages. That until now was done on a rocket jig by hand.

Still it looks like the loading of the rockets into launch cannisters will probably by manually done. I am not sure though.