Indian Security Forces: Joint Exercises

Tri-services Amphibious Exercise, AMPHEX 2023 Concludes​

The biennial Tri-Services Amphibious Exercise, AMPHEX 2023 was conducted at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh from 17 to 22 January 23. AMPHEX is aimed at joint training of elements of all three services in various facets of amphibious operations to enhance interoperability and synergy. AMPHEX 23 is the first time that the exercise was undertaken at Kakinada, and was the largest ever AMPHEX conducted till date. The participating forces undertook complex exercises in all domains of amphibious operations over five days. The exercise culminated in a successful Amphibious Assault which was reviewed by Vice Adm Sanjay Vatsayan, AVSM, NM, Chief of Staff, Eastern Naval Command, in the presence of Force Commanders of the Indian Navy and Indian Army.
The exercise witnessed the participation of a number of amphibious ships consisting of Large Platform Dock (LPD), Landing Ships and Landing Crafts, Marine Commandos (MARCOS), helicopters and aircraft from the Indian Navy. Indian Army participated in the exercise with over 900 troops which included Special Forces, Artillery and Armoured vehicles. Jaguar fighters and C 130 aircraft from the IAF also participated in the exercise.
AMPHEX 2023 successfully demonstrated the amphibious capabilities and validated the excellent coordination that exists between the three Services to undertake the full spectrum of amphibious operations.






The 2023 edition of Indian Navy’s major maritime exercise TROPEX, is currently underway in the Indian Ocean Region. This operational level exercise is conducted biennially and witnesses participation not only by all Indian Navy units but also of Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Coast Guard assets.

TROPEX 23 is being conducted over a duration of three months from Jan - Mar 23. As part of the exercise, all surface combatants of the Indian Navy including Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes as well as submarines and aircraft are put through complex maritime operational deployments to validate and refine the Navy’s Concept of Operations including operational logistics and interoperability with other Services. The exercise is being conducted in different phases, both in harbour and at sea, encompassing various facets of combat operations, including live weapon firings.

Having grown in scope and complexity over the years, this exercise provides an opportunity to test the combat readiness of the combined Fleets of the Indian Navy to operate in a multi-threat environment. The maritime exercise also facilitates operational level interaction with the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and the Coast Guard, which will further strengthen interoperability and joint operations in a complex environment.

Joint exercise between special forces of India, Egypt underway in Rajasthan​

The first-ever joint exercise between the special forces of the Indian Army and the Egyptian Army named "Exercise Cyclone-I" is underway in Rajasthan, according to an official statement.

The exercise which began on January 14 is aimed at bolstering defence cooperation between the two nations and focus on sharing professional skills and interoperability of the special forces in desert terrain while undertaking counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, raids and other special operations, the statement added.

This is the first exercise of its kind bringing the special forces of both the nations on a common platform.

"The 14-day exercise which is being carried out in the deserts of Rajasthan engages both the contingents to advance special forces skills such as sniping, combat free fall, reconnaissance, surveillance and target designation, sharing of information on weapons, equipment, innovations, tactics, techniques and procedures," the release said.

The participants would also undertake joint planning and drills for special forces operations in a mechanised warfare setting as well as surgical strikes on terrorist camps/ hideouts to include sniping of high-value targets.

The joint exercise would provide an insight into the culture and ethos of both the armies thereby fostering military cooperation and interoperability to further strengthen the diplomatic relations between India and Egypt, the release added.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is scheduled to arrive in India on January 24. He will be the first Egyptian President and the fifth leader from the Middle-East to grace the Republic Day celebrations as the chief guest.
Exercise Cobra Warrior
The Exercise Cobra Warrior is a multilateral air exercise in which Air Forces from Finland, Sweden, South Africa, the United States of America, and Singapore would also be participating alongside the Royal Air Force and Indian Air Force.

This year, the IAF is participating in the exercise with five Mirage 2000 fighters, two C-17 Globemaster III, and an IL-78 mid-air refueller aircraft. The aim of the exercise is to participate in diverse fighter aircraft engagements and learn from the best practices of various Air Forces.

'Exercise Desert Flag' in UAE
Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force on Saturday informed that the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas will make its debut in a multi-lateral 'Exercise Desert Flag' in the United Arab Emirates. The IAF will take part in the exercise with its five LCAs and two C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

The exercise is scheduled to begin from February 27 and will continue till March 17.

Air forces from the UAE, France, Kuwait, Australia, the UK, Bahrain, Morocco, Spain, the Republic of Korea, and the US would be participating in the exercise.
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