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Nov 11, 2020


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Dec 3, 2017

Germany to hold drills with India, says new envoy​

NEW DELHI: Germany will play a more significant role in the Indo-Pacific and conduct joint military exercises with India. “Germany has taken interest in the Indo-Pacific and that reflects our concern in this region, though we hope that the mounting tension near Taiwan does not escalate further. We are also going to conduct joint military exercises with India in the Indo-Pacific,” said Germany’s new Ambassador to India, Dr Philipp Ackermann.

Germany had sent a Bayern frigate to the South China Sea last year, which was seen as a tough stand against territorial claims of China in Asia. German and Indian air forces sent fighter jets to take part in the recent multinational military exercise ‘Pitch Black 2022’ in Australia.

Ambassador Ackermann said the tension that India faced across the LAC was different from what Ukraine was undergoing. “We are aware of the problem at the northern side of the border that India is facing and we clearly see that as an infringement of the border which should not be accepted. However, this is nothing compared to Ukraine as Russia has usurped 20% of the Ukrainian territory,” he said.

There have been blatant violations of international laws by Russia in Ukraine, he said. “The situation is similar to what happened in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland,” said Ambassador Ackermann. He has worked in India for three years beginning 2007 as the political counsellor in the German Embassy.