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mark my words none of the following programs are going to be sanctioned.
110kn engine.

They will remain limited to mockups and posters.

Govt ki yaha gand phat gayi tejas mk2 program sanction karne me and people really think chindi chor govt will sanction above programs each costing billion of dollars lol.

Meanwhile for imports there is no shortage of money but for indigenous programs maa chud jaati hai.
Had a lot of stuff over the past few weeks but as usual off my mind now, will have to recollect. Attached below is BEL concall doc, and also Zen tech, the anti drone company. No news from HAL, they have gone private.


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MoD wanted to get Indian private companies to start designing & manufacturing turbojets/turbofans in the 40-80 Kgf class. These engines were to be used for an upcoming loitering munition program. We have seen a few companies take up this challenge, companies like Bharat Forge/Kalyani * Godrej/Paninian.

Strangely all of these developers are making/developing engines that are more powerful that what the MoD is requesting. I've come across a new startup that seems to be going for that MoD contract.

DG Propulsion is an Amritsar based turbojet start up. They are producing 3 turbojets:

1. DG-20: 20 Kgf thrust.
2 DG-40: 40 Kgf thrust.
3.DG-60: 60 Kgf thrust.

A video of their DG-40 engine:

Maybe I should make a list of all turbojet/turbofan engines in India & start tracking their proogress seriously.

Yes it was projected as any day, probably they had some price negotiation due to other factors (Israel supply, spares etc) ? normally it would be contract on same terms as before.

This is the second order in a year I think.


Little snippet from the crane company, expecting ~700 crores order from the army.






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May have Uttam related bit inside, likely that DRDO is yet to finalise full config, was pencilled for last Q anyway.


MoD signs contract worth Rs.1,752 Cr with AWEIL for 463 Stabilised Remote Control Guns for Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard​

Posted On: 14 FEB 2024 3:01PM by PIB Delhi

The Ministry of Defence has signed a contract on February 14, 2024 with Advanced Weapon Equipment India Ltd. (AWEIL), Kanpur for manufacturing & supply of a total of 463 indigenously manufactured 12.7 mm Stabilised Remote Control Guns (SRCG) for the Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard at a total cost of Rs. 1752.13 crores, with Indigenous Content (IC) of more than 85%.

The SRCG will enhance the capability of Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard to accurately engage small targets that post a threat to ships in an asymmetric environment, both by day and night.

This acquisition will provide further boost to the vision of "Aatmanirbharta in Defence". This contract will also open up a large avenue in defence manufacturing for over 125 Indian Vendors and DPSUs for over a period of 5 years.
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True these corrupt generals created lot of road blocks & obstruction for ATAGS.

You are slowly becoming the victim of a hate-India campaign led by leftists.

Don't you know that armed forces cannot import anything without DRDO approval?

Only emergency purchases happened without DRDO approval, but all other big deals like MRFA and this new towed gun tender, all of it has to be approved by DRDO before they become official tenders.

We are lagging behind in all our procurement projects because DRDO holds all major programs hostage. Every step of the way DRDO starts a new program in exchange for allowing an import program. For example, MRCBF happened because TEDBF was approved. TGS contract is also subject to minimum ATAGS procurement. AMCA approval and MMRCA were also similarly connected.

You need to learn how this process works. DRDO is given first priority, and only after they fail is an import program given approval, by DRDO themselves. You are just not aware of how big of a failure DRDO really is.

Modi is the one who for the first time created a level playing field by forcing DRDO to compete with foreign OEMs. When DRDO approached Modi to get more power, the forces objected, so he forced open DRDO to open competition through DPP-2016, and Parrikar improved that with DPP-2020. Now DRDO has to compete with everybody. Take FICV, FRCV etc, DRDO is now merely a participant alongside both Indian and foreign OEMs. The same with pretty much every other weapon, including artillery guns. Only the best for the forces, whether it's DRDO or not.

And it's because DRDO's power was diluted that so many Indian companies are now entering the defense sector. It's also led to a significant increase in prestige for India.
Where is the DAC cleared /AoN granted deals are posted? I could not remember so posting here.

- 15 C-295 MRMR/MMMA: 2 modified in Spain, 13 in India, 29k cr
- 6 Netra Mk1A, 9k cr
- 3 SIGINT COMJAM a/c (SCA), 6.3k cr
- 6 tanker a/c, 9k cr- LRLACM for Army, 4k cr
- 45k Prachand AT mines, 650cr
- 900 CALM, 800cr
- 25 ADTCR
- 48 HWT for Kalvari
- SDR for ICG
- MH-60 support



Good overview of TATA's capabilities.

Thank god that C295 deal happened. Remember the push back came from the HAL/DPSU job security guys.

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We got lucky here, but we lost out in helicopters, where DRDO and HAL successfully killed all foreign cooperation projects, even stopgap measures.

Next up is MRFA. DRDO/HAL are working overtime to kill it. If they succeed, then from a half generation gap, we will fall behind the Chinese by a full generation until the 2040s. Then they will have two monopolies.