IAC-2 Future Aircraft Carrier Project - News & Discussions


Buying 1 x QE-class doesn't solve any of our issues. Neither does it fill the long-term requirement for a CAT/EMALS platform, nor the short-term requirement for another STOBAR (which anyway is brought about by the need to ensure CSL doesn't lose accrued carrier-building experience. Buying a finished ship doesn't help that in any way).

Even if we buy it, we'll probably have to spend an additional Billion or so to remodel the takeoff ramp, install arresting gear, re-furnish the electronics (all NATO-spec stuff will be removed & replaced with IN-spec) etc. At the end it's propulsion issues will still remain. This is a notoriously expensive ship to keep running.

It would be one thing if we're buying the PoW along with all requisite design info (so we can build at least another ship of the class in the future ourselves) but I doubt that's on the table.

Much better to stick with the plan for Vikrant-II, followed by a two or three-ship class of CATOBAR/EMALS carriers to be built locally sometime in the 2030s.


That said, I really doubt the UK would be willing to sell off the PoW. I've read the original report, it's just one of the options being considered for study - doesn't mean they'll take it up. The RN has planned it's entire fleet makeup around the two-carrier force, it's gonna be really difficult to tear all that down.
Should consider, but yeas not at the expense of second AC frim cochin shipyard.