Another double layer TBC under development.
Is this for the kaveri engine?

PTC To Supply Critical Components For DRDO-GTRE's Fighter Aircraft Engine Development Programme​

PTC Industries Limited has taken up a developmental contract for critical components for DRDO–GTRE’s combat aircraft engine development programme, the company said in a statement on Tuesday (6 December).

PTC is a manufacturer of high-quality high-precision metal components for various critical and super-critical applications.

The company had recently partnered with French company Safran Aircraft Engines to manufacture components for military and civil aircraft engines in India.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company said that considering the Centre’s directives on ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and prevailing geo-political situation, the Ministry of Defence’s initiative to design, develop and manufacture its own fighter aircraft platforms will result in a greater potential for indigenously developed engines to be used in these platforms.

"PTC’s expertise is being developed in manufacturing critical components for Aero Engines/Aircraft made of Titanium Alloys using innovative Investment Casting – Hot Isostatic Pressing (IC – HIP) technology along with GTRE – DRDO," the company said, adding that this will enhance the overall ecosystem of the country’s indigenous defence capabilities.

"One such critical component, the Engine Bevel Pinion Housing prototype has already been developed in a very short period in collaboration with GTRE and was displayed in the recently concluded DefExpo 2022 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat," it said.

Talking about the opportunities this creates for indigenous defence manufacturing, Sachin Agarwal, Chairman, and Managing Director, of PTC Industries said, “Based on this contract and the developmental initiatives taken up with GTRE-DRDO, PTC’s capabilities will be matched with a strong foundation for the development of more innovative, complex and reliable components for next-generation aero-engines".

"PTC has undertaken focused investments in technology for the manufacture of advanced aero-engine components and is adding world-class facilities for the manufacture of Titanium production with a large capacity," Agarwal added.

Is there any update on the dry variant of Kaveri ? Is the testing (flight tests, as far as I remember) progressing ?
Any idea what engine this talks about, kaveri derivative it says but i am not sure if dry kaveri or something else.
Godrej Aerospace, a Godrej and Boyce business unit, has bagged an order to build turbo engines in partnership with the Gas Turbine Research Engine Center at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) lab.

The company has an order for eight modules of six engines and the plan is to finish the first round of development by early 2024, said Maneck Eddie Behramkamdin, AVP and Business Head, Godrej Aerospace. He told businessline that the remaining modules would be delivered in a 27–30 month time frame.
“The development engine, a Kaveri derivative, will be used to power one of the aircraft. While aircraft manufacturing is not new to India, modules of engines of this class are being manufactured indigenously for the first time by an Indian private company,” he noted.

Revenue growth
The company has grown at CAGR of 20–22 per cent over the last two to three years, which is expected to continue, it said.
It expects to close the year with revenues of Rs 800-850 crore, with aerospace and defence contributing Rs 650 crore and the remaining coming from its space segment. “Aerospace accounts for 50–55 per cent of the total revenues, and it is a rapidly growing industry. Next year we plan to increase it by about 20–25 per cent, of which 30–40 per cent would come from the commercial side and the balance from the defence side,” he said.
Further, going forward, the focus would be on both space and aero engines, which it believes are the future. Additionally, it will continue to focus on defence systems.

Aero-India 2023

This year the company would have three kiosks at the Aero Show.
“We will focus on defence systems, largely missile systems, actuators, and LRUs. Besides, there will be a full display of engines and engine components. Basically, the three things that we would communicate at the Aero Show are – what we are doing, what the future holds, and how we plan to develop the infrastructure.”

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The above is presently undergoing high-altitude tests at Zhukovsky in Russia.

(Read at the bottom, "Kaveri Derivative Engine" )

Apparently these are the dry versions without ABs. They'd power the Ghataks. So much for my 2 cents that they'd probably go into the HLFT.

While on the Kaveri we're hearing more on it's various derivatives be it the Marine Turbines or this one here, than about the original program. Wonder what happened to that?
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Confirmation that GE offer is glorious screwdrivergiri & contrary to what some people loudly announced here isn't going to be part of AMCA Mk-2 .Talks are still on.

Whoever thought & proclaimed otherwise out here ought to be castrated with immediate effect.

Yeah the local mfg of GE own engines i do not think will be full ToT. Govt seem to be more interested in co-developing mk2 engine & keep/share the ip. Saw many claims of GE giving full ToT for ge404 but there is no incentive for GE to do that really. Amca mk1 will be a small problem ridden batch like tejaas mk1 that will be used to make the doctrine, training purpose etc. So effectively a trainer sort of. Maybe this is why underpowered ge414 will be used. I am yet to find out the 110kn version is offered & not the tejas mk2 98kn version.

Lets see if the kaveri ab is reopened if the dry one succeeds in certification post 2025.
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