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Mar 15, 2018
Really wanted to buy the new CoD: Modern Warfare game, don't have any money though.
CSGO is free and light on gpu. There are some games given for free you need to just keep watching.
Was/Is free until/thru 8th sept just check. This game needs a higher gpu.
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Dec 1, 2017
Vizag, India
Right, I forgot this thread existed. My old laptop(12 years old now) was giving me a lot of trouble. The battery went out a long time back. The mouse trackpad works but in very patchy manner. A few months back I had to travel due to a family emergency and I took my lappy with me. After I came back home I discovered the hinges of the laptop was hit during the travel. The hinges carries the flex cable for the display and thus the display wasn't working right anymore. This would be third time I am repairing the display of the laptop, figured I might as well get a new one & turn my old lappy to a home PC.

After some less than civil "debates" with the family, bought a new one. Still haven't started working on converting the old lappy to a home PC.
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The new one is from the HP Pavilion series replacing my old HP Envy m6 series laptop. Its not a really gaming laptop, the specs aren't bad though.

CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 with integrated graphics :
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The base speed is 2.10 Ghz although the CPU can really over-clock itself when presented with a workload. I've seen the CPU run comfortably at over 3.50 GHz without the fan running. The fan will kickstart when the workload is extended especially during the noon time. Don't know if it can hit 4.0 GHz speeds though, never seen that happening.

GPU is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. Not the latest & greatest but can still do the job no problem. Dedicated GPU memory is 3GB and Shared GPU memory is 3GB, Combined 6GB memory.
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Then of course there is the other GPU, yes there are 2 GPUs. The AMD Radeon VEGA 8 comes integrated with the Ryzen 5 CPU. Dedicated GPU memory is 2GB and Shared GPU memory is 3GB, Combined 5GB memory.
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The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10150 and the Radeon VEGA 8 together gives out a 11GB GPU memory. More than enough for most of my work. Infact, I've never seen the GTX 1050 reaching above 5% utilisation till date. The VEGA 8 takes precedence as it comes integrated with the CPU, its only when the VEGA 8 can't handle a load that the GTX 1050 comes into action.

The computer has 2 internal drives. One is a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) m.2 Solid State Drive(SSD) with 250GB on storage capacity. This is my system drive i.e. C: drive. It looks something like this :
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The other internal drive is a mechanical SATA 3 HDD with 1TB storage capacity. That is my D: drive. There another external mechanical SATA 3 HDD made by Seagate with 2TB storage capacity.

I also bought a new 2.5 inch SATA 3 external SSD with 500GB capacity. Haven't used it yet.

The only problem is the memory. Its just 8GB :
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There are 2 slots with 2 SK Hynix 4GB 2400MHz DDR4 SODIMM RAM cards in it. My hardware eats up 2GB of it leaving me with just 6GB to work with. Also notice in the pic above the CPU is hitting 3.60 GHz with 23% utilisation, I was just copying a file while listening to music while checking my internet connection. I think it can hit 4.0 GHz, but I have never seen it happen.

So in summary, I have 11GB graphics memory and 6GB of RAM.

Going to need to upgrade the RAM. At least I have to get more RAM in the system than graphics memory. But DDR4 RAM is still pretty expensive. So I am waiting for DDR5 RAM to appear in scale in the market, thus causing a drop of price of DDR4 RAM. Then I'll buy.

I don't really play games anymore. Really wanted to buy the new CoD: Modern Warfare game, don't have any money though. What are you guys playing these days ? @Parthu @Milspec @randomradio et al.

I wonder where @Fafnir is these days. She was working in a medical unit during the pandemic wasn't she ? Hope she is doing alright.
Racked up 65+ hours on Hitman 2, playing through each location multiple times to get all the mission stories and as many challenges as possible.

It's a pretty great game actually. A dozen different ways are presented to achieve your objectives, no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Also, Hitman 2 also provides a remastered version of 2016's Hitman campaign as well so its double the fun & double the stuff to do.

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