First integrated battle group to be deployed along India-Pakistan border

Could you elaborate on it ? I certainly don't think our military planners can mount a campaign to retake PoJ&K without factoring in the possible usage of N weapons by Pakistan and taking adequate precautions.

When I posed the same question to PKS, he claimed the war would be waged & restricted to only J&K. When I countered him that this is precisely the thinking by Pakistan in 1965 which landed them in trouble & that there's a possibility we'd be emulating them thereby falling in the same trap, he reiterated his earlier stance.
You will be shocked to know that even oft quoted Prophesies of Nostradamus have predicted a nuke war in Punjab with complete wipe out of Pak Punjab and its population and a great victory for Indian forces. I can even quote that quarantine here.
I can even quote that quarantine here.