Cold War History Declassified


Boeing Boost Glide Weapon, 1958, from USAF FOIA library



The Vark's big strength was that it was fast as hell. I routinely cruised at .95 mach in military power (full throttle with no afterburner augmentation) while on the deck. The F model was nearly super cruise-capable. I saw 1.1 mach on the deck in a D model, and I knew guys who had the F model up to 1.4 mach on the deck! It held enough gas to do it for a while, too. Not many planes could keep up.


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Some real clues in that second drawing about how control fins would be stored prior to deployment on ICBM-level MaRVs.
AFAIK k4 has fins but was unable to figure out where

Maybe the fin configuration is same as small icbm