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I remember reading, once Castro was targeted by CIA with a cigar laced with botulinus toxin , it is derived from a type of bacteria.
Imagine using coronavirus to eliminate the entire top leadership of Iran using just 1 infected person who was specifically targetted. Its not entirely out of the realm of possibilty.
Naa.. the virus is not good enough to do that... it hits hard when the medical facilities are overburdened.. other
wise the mortality rate is less than 1 percent in Shanghai... and the ministers will anyway get the best of care..
The west have been waging biowarfare on other nations since long , bio engineered crops etc is just a tip of the iceberg . Por........ ISI banned the same , but did we ?

I mentioned about it on foreign intelligence thread :)

Defence institutions oppose genetically modified seeds for food crops

Pakistan's Defence institutions oppose genetically modified seeds for food crops

Representatives of the army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) participated in a consultative meeting and shared their views on taking strategic decision with regard to granting permission for commercial cultivation of genetically modified organism (GMO) maize, according to official documents.
The consultative moot was convened by the Ministry of Food Security & Research (NFS&R) and was chaired by its Secretary. In his introductory remarks, the chair informed the house that presently Pakistan is a non-GMO food country. The cotton crop is only officially allowed as GMO crop for commercial cultivation, according to minutes of meeting.
The representative of military's Strategic Planning Division (SPD) endorsed the opening statement of the chair. Taking about adverse impact of cross pollination, he further explained that although cotton crop is considered 90 percent self-pollinated and 10 percent cross pollinated crop, unfortunately existing non-GMO cotton crop has also been contaminated with GMO cotton crop. Now it is very difficult to harvest non-GMO cotton from existing crop.


Why I am sharing this news?

This is because, on other thread, I had mentioned about hybrid crops which was promoted by foreign firms in India. How did they get promoted? Through NGO's directly dealing with leaders and bureaucrats. This means that our leaders and bureaucrats were lured to promote such crops in India which are more in production but lower in quality. Thus giving a strategic food insecurity in the country when nutrients in the crop go missing. In no way, the indigenous cow milk or wheat crop is inferior to any foreign food product. Rather Indian indigenous food crop is highest in quality. But due to sabotaging the agriculture in India the foreign firms have destroyed our original food crops. Like Americans destroyed the Coffee plantation in Cuba which Russians were owning.

Where as as you can read in the above link how Pakistani military intervened and prevented such mixture and implementation of genetically modified food crops.

This means that our Indian side, people have been sold to outsiders and otherside Pakistani army is sensible that such kind of introduction to the crop system will tarnish the quality of product hence preventing to compromise on the food quality.
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Total coronavirus cases has crossed 95,000 globally, with over 3,200 deaths. In India a man from Ghaziabad, UP became the 30th person testing positive. Efforts are on to bring back Indians stranded in Iran, the health minister informed Parliament today