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in more positive news

The LCH deployment in the eastern sector assumes significance amidst the ongoing standoff with China along the LAC in eastern Ladakh. The 5.8 tonnes helicopters would be laced with anti-tank guided missile Helina and air-to-air missile system but not the Indian Air Force LCH's Mistral 2. The LCH would be effective for anti-infantry and anti-armour helicopter operations.

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IA will procure 95 LCH and 110 LUH. The overall requirement of light helicopter is around 259. Previously, IA had hoped of dividing this number between LUH and Ka-226T by procuring 126 LUH and 133 Ka-226T but since the chances of Ka-226T are now very slim so there is probability that more LUH will be ordered.
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“The issue with the auto-pilot of the LUH has been addressed and the trials by the HAL have commenced. The six LSP LUH are expected to be delivered to the Army between December 2024 and June 2025. The bigger contract for LUH is expected to be concluded by January 2024 and deliveries expected to begin by 2026 onwards,”
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@randomradio 39 apache sanctioned? Is it true? Why we didn't place order for 39 then?

Yes. 'Cause the IA hijacked the deal, so they got the remaining 17 options. It was 22+17. The IAF was supposed to get 2 squadrons with 16-18 each, but they have now settled for 1 with 22.

More Apaches will come, all for the IA. They want 1 squadron for each SC.