1. suryakiran


    FIVE POINT FRAMEWORK TO ATTAIN STRATEGIC INDEPENDENCE By Lt Gen P R Shankar (R) Original Article here : FIVE POINT FRAMEWORK TO ATTAIN STRATEGIC INDEPENDENCE By Lt Gen P R Shankar (R) Never let a good crisis go to waste ……Winston Churchill 2020 has been eventful– the Chinese virus, border...
  2. Parthu

    IAF's S-400 Triumf ADMS Deployment Plans Explained

    Following the signature of a contract on October 5 that is valued valued at US$5.43 billion, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is all set to receive its initial five squadrons of the Almaz-Antey S-400 Triumf ADMS, with deliveries commencing in late 2020. Plans call for eventually expanding this LR-SAM...
  3. S

    People's Republic of Bangladesh - News and Developments

    dedicated thread to track developments related to Banglahesh.
  4. S

    News Saudi gives Air India overflight rights for its Israel routes: Netanyahu

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday (Mar 5) that Saudi Arabia had granted Air India permission to fly over its territory on its new routes to and from Tel Aviv. There was no immediate confirmation from either Saudi officials or Air India. Netanyahu made the announcement...
  5. Butter Chicken

    India-Russia Relations

    Has Russia Lost Patience With India? Russian attempts to punish perceived Indian transgressions could have serious impact on their relationship. First, on February 17, a rebel leader from Balochistan province in Pakistan, who had been residing in exile in Moscow for the last 18 years, switched...
  6. S

    Opinion Passport to India

    While trying to search Youtube for Videos related to International opinion about Indian economy I stumbled across some of videos published by Id of "Passport to India" Found them very interesting and many facts were put across about history of Indian economy and role it played in International...
  7. S

    US has offered India co-production of armoured carriers along with Israel: Government

    NEW DELHI: The US has made an offer to India to develop and produce armoured personnel carriers as part of a trilateral venture also involving Israel, the government said today. Replying to a question, minister of state for defence Subhash Bhamre, however, said discussions on the proposal have...
  8. NRJ

    World in flux: India’s choices may help manage disruptions

    The political and cultural arrangements states and communities arrive at will be heavily implicated by the one major transition Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar identified: that a rule based order is no longer limited to the developed world. L to R: Maurice Gourdault-Montagne...
  9. Nick

    VVIP Aircrafts of India

    New VVIP planes: Replacements for aged Air India One to arrive this month American aircraft major Boeing will deliver two brand new B-777 to Air India this month, which will be used as the next VVIP planes for being flown by the president, VP and prime minister on their medium to long foreign...
  10. S

    News India unveils Pratyush, its fastest supercomputer yet

    Power drive: India is working to enter the big league of supercomputing. The picture shows China’s fastest supercomputer, ‘Tianhe.’ India’s supercomputing prowess moved up several notches Monday after it unveiled Pratyush, an array of computers that can deliver a peak power of 6.8 petaflops...
  11. S

    News Mongolia Turns to India as Nationalism and Xenophobia Towards China Grow

    This morning’s key headlines from Mongolia elects new president after highly nationalistic anti-China campaign India to help construct Mongolia’s first oil refinery Brief generational history of Mongolia Khaltmaa Battulga, a fierce critic of China, won the June 26...
  12. S

    News Ancient Mauryan technology brings water, hope to dry Magadh in Bihar

    A check dam built by villagers along with Maghadh Jal Jamaat near Sijuaghati in Imamganj-Dumaria area. (HT Photo) Ancient Mauryan engineering has brought water back to the undulating and rocky terrain of Magadh, the grain bowl of Bihar that had turned almost entirely arid because of abortive...
  13. NRJ

    Palestine Recalls Ambassador To Pak Over Appearance With Hafiz Saeed

    Official statement:
  14. S

    News Indian oil cos to drop anchor in Israeli waters as Iran deal hangs fire

    NEW DELHI: A consortium of Indian state-run oil and gas hunters led by ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) appears set to drop anchor in Israeli waters for the first time amid New Delhi's growing closeness with Tel Aviv and a widening chasm with Iran over its recalcitrance in awarding the Farzad-B gas field...
  15. Aashish

    Analysis You Don’t Need an “India Strategy” — You Need a Strategy for Each State in India

    You Don’t Need an “India Strategy” — You Need a Strategy for Each State in India DECEMBER 15, 2017 The Indian economy has long been an attractive investment destination for multinational corporations. Already a large domestic market, Frontier Strategy Group’s estimates suggest the country...
  16. T

    Why India voted against US, Israel on Jerusalem at United Nations

    Many observers were surprised with India voting in favour of a resolution brought by Turkey and Yemen in the United Nations opposing the United States' decision recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Given the increasing inclination of India towards the US and Israel, speculations were...
  17. Aashish

    China’s “String of Pearls” and India's Two Front War Predicament : Analysis

    Analysis China’s “String of Pearls”: The encirclement of India & how to break the chakravyuh? By Aashish, Strategic Frontier Research Foundation Preface The world is seeing the rise of a new world order with economic interdependence and cooperation amongst different nations at a level...
  18. NRJ

    'Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge': US dedicates 2017 to friendship with India

    another old tweet:
  19. Aashish

    Incredible India - Tourism and more

    Mega Thread - Incredible India - Tourism and more Incredible India Index/list of Tourism Destinations Indian Tourism divided into 4 zones - North, East, South and West Delhi Tourism Jammu and Kashmir Tourism
  20. Aashish

    A road map and recipe for US-India defense ties

    A road map and recipe for US-India defense ties By Keith Webster We are in an extremely unique and hopeful period in our relationship, and defense cooperation remains the cornerstone. Keith Webster is the senior vice president of defense and aerospace at the US-India Strategic Partnership...