West Bengal and North East : Political Discussions


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May 19, 2020
@Hydra in a democracy you get wht you vote for. If the people of delihi had voted BJP instead of freebies we may have been able to spare them 700 tonnes of oxygen instead of 450 tonnes per day. Same with Bengal
Yup we are enjoying the show for voting for BJP.
From MPs preaching and practicing cow urine drinking to cow dung therapy , one bjp even said cow exhale oxygen.

Delhi people had selected educated, but yelling political party. AAP yell a lot but the things they had given to people is what matters.

NB: last assembly election both BJP & AAP had used the same slogan, do you know what was it? " If BJP comes to power in Delhi, they will make Delhi schools/education system on par with that of UP", it which universe people want that?

Now, by saying that you could have provide 700mt oxygen instead of 450, yoa are saying BJP government in center is partial towards states.


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Mar 15, 2018
She thought just because she won an election by rigging she will be terated like a princess :D
Please do respect & honor the democratic system, its the same system which also elected the central govt. Calling the elections rigged is just a case of sour grapes.
BJP is a cadre based disciplined party,may be in party architecture. Why Sudhev Adhikari is pared from interrogation?
At the end of the day all the politicians are cut from the same cloth. Its us who need to change , blindly voting for ppl is what makes them behave like this. There should be repercussions for every act.


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Dec 4, 2017

Received from WA :

Entire Pegasus team in Israel committed mass suicide after seeing this!


Frankly I can't tell if she was elected due to the TINA factor or coz Bongs are easily entertained.


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Dec 6, 2017
Republic of Wadiya
Although a good start, I do fear that our Lib-Sick-Woke gang will start calling him as Hindutva, Facist and will try to undermine his stance.
Too long the entire History of whole NE region(and to a great extent Southern India) has been deliberately kept out of our history books as if it never existed before the British withdrawal. For some weird reason we study much more history of Afghanistan and Iran than our own.
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Dec 3, 2017

Remaining 5 Congress MLAs join MDA​

Shillong, Feb 8: In a major political development, the five remaining Congress MLAs in Meghalaya have decided to join the ruling Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA)led by the NPP.

This was informed by CLP leader Ampareen Lyngdoh after the MLAs’ meeting with the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma today.

Earlier, the CLP had decided to extend their support to the government in dealing with issues concerning the state.

The five MLAs include– Ampareen Lyngdoh, Kimfa Marbaniang, Mayralborn Syiem, PT Sawkmie and Mohendro Rapsang.

Interestingly, the development came following the decision of Congress MDC and Ampareen’s husband, Fantin Lakadong to join the NPP.

Earlier, 12 Congress MLA in the hill state led by the former chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma had left the party to join All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).

The Congress under the leadership of Dr Mukul Sangma had won 17 seats in 2018 Assembly election in the 40-member state Assembly and lost power to the NPP-led MDA coalition. Initially, Congress was the only Opposition block in Meghalaya Assembly.


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Dec 3, 2017

Assam, Meghalaya sign 'historic' agreement to end 50-year border dispute​

In a significant move, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and his Meghalaya counterpart Conrad Sangma signed an agreement in the presence of Union home minister Amit Shah in New Delhi on Tuesday to end the 50-year-old border dispute between the two northeastern states.

#WATCH Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma sign an agreement to resolve the 50-year-old pending boundary dispute between their states, in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi pic.twitter.com/hnP6hs8yMm
— ANI (@ANI) March 29, 2022

"I want to thank Amit Shah for giving us the direction to resolve the border disputes. Today, the first phase of the resolution has been done. It could only be possible because of Himanta Biswa Sarma," Sangma said soon after signing the agreement.

Earlier he had said there had been "a lot of push" from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah to resolve the differences between the two states.

“If India and Bangladesh can resolve the border issues then why can't the two states -- the is the stand the Centre has taken," he said.

Taking to Twitter, Shah called the signing of the interstate boundary settlement a "historic day" for the northeast.

“Today, a 50-year-old pending boundary dispute between Assam and Meghalaya has been resolved. 6 out of 12 points of the dispute has been resolved, which comprises nearly 70% of the boundary. The remaining 6 points will be resolved at the earliest”, Shah was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

The long-standing land dispute was sparked in 1972 when Meghalaya was carved out of Assam. The border issues came about as a result of different readings of the demarcation of boundaries in the initial agreement for the new state's creation.

Ahead of the agreement signing, the two CMs reportedly had a final round of discussion with the MHA.

A draft resolution was submitted by the CMs of Assam and Meghalaya to Shah on January 31 for examination and consideration by the MHA. The governments of Assam and Meghalaya had come up with a draft resolution to resolve their border disputes in six of the 12 "areas of difference" along the 884-km boundary.