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This is a very carefully concocted persona Paddy with just the right amount of Paddyisms & dementia ( both age & ethnicity related ) making it difficult to tell one from the other .

It was precisely this persona the Europeans fell for , that helped Biden outfox Macron & the Europeans pulling off the con of 3 millenia else who'd ever have conceived using outfox as a verb with a Paddy except when a Paddy was at the receiving end ?

What a Mick ?!

Jeez I'm a believer .

He's my hero Paddy .

Pity your lot is thick enough not to understand the salience of what he's achieved - the one exception that proves the rule . Maybe some day you will & he'd be canonized . Irish Joe WILL achieve legendary status like Leprechauns & St Paddy .

Amen to the thought !

So Irish Joe makes a public statement the other objects weren't UFO's sent in by aliens but balloons launched by Pvt entities within the US for as different purposes as Marketing , atmospheric research etc .

Meanwhile sweetie parrots AV freaks line of thought instead of the AV Geek line of thought out here .

"We ( as in all of us on earth ) are in this together. That's the message we'd be sending THEM . "


Autistic dyslexic retard thought it was Independence Day Part 4 or is it 5 , once more .

Goodness knows why didn't I punch sweetie in the kisser then & there for this piece of retardation he spammed us with .

Misinformation of this kind attracted the capital punishment out here once upon a time in the not so recent past . If not that at least castration was the bare minimum punishment awarded for it . @Innominate
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Hmm. Sort of explains why Paddy's a bit more docile & sweetie's a harridan out here. @BMD ; @Innominate

Here's another of those good old scams pulled by Indians on stupid gringos sweetie & it ain't the usual call center scam too except there wasn't any monetary loss to the best of my knowledge which is a pity given all those billions you're throwing on the Ukraine war .

Man, for every Irish Joe & the way he scammed the Europeans using the pretext of the Ukraine war, you throw up dozens of these yokels . @Innominate
And these people want the world to follow their example.
You have no idea what they teach in Canadian schools these days....

Its like living in an upside down world.

Teachers and not supposed to even admonish kids.

Some kids are "two souls". Some identify themselves as "animals".

I kid you not, one kid in my son's school identifies as a Cat and they had to arrange for a large sized litter-box for his .... bodily needs.

Late in elemetry school that is 4th and 5th standard they teach more about animal sounds and less about maths, language and science.

One of my friend's 9 year old boy was asked by girls from one grade above him, if he has seen a <female reproductive organ> and if he wants to see one now....

The only way out of this is to either attend a private school OR join "Gifted Kids" program. They have to pass an exam conducted by universities on basic maths and science (the standard is way below NTSE or KVPY if you are wondering). Then you can skip all this drama and government sanctioned stupidity and study like normal people do.

Kids learn about "Biological Father and Biological Mother" than about "Father" and "Mother" because divorces are way too frequent and common. They refer them the same. Single parenthood is norm and having a family is seen as ... weird.

Teachers behave more like sneaky managers. You know those who will praise you in front but write absolute horrible things in your confidential reports. Same happens here.

The good part is that they teach boys and girls on how to behave socially with each other. Basically, dating advice is taught. I hope our schools did that too.
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