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Missile at top right is SM-6 IB hypersonic surface strike weapon, range 500+km.


Missile second from left is possibly SM-6 IIA GPI (Glide Phase Interceptor) for Aegis systems.


The Typhon is part of the SMRF (Strategic Mid-Range Fires) capability, which also interfaces with the IBCS (Integrated Battle Command System), meaning that other radars (Aegis Ashore, Aegis (ship), THAAD, Patriot, Space layer etc.) can provide trageting information, so it can launch Aegis SAMs as well as Tomahawk and SM-6 IB.
I think the "tank" looks cool but I'm still not sure about it's effectiveness. I really wish it was 10T lighter and air droppable. No idea what role it'll play in near-peer conflict with China but would have been amazing in the mid-East wars of the past 25 years.

It's meant to support the infantry. In India, infantry divisions also have a T-72 or T-90 regiment protecting them, whereas the US infantry divisions have no such support. They only need to be air-transportable, not air-drop capable, 'cause they move with the infantry.