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Sick video man. SM2 was not supposed to touch the supersonic sea skimming missile but its sensors are that good.

One gathers from the tone of the rest of your post you meant to write - slick video man but ended up with a Freudian slip. The video is indeed sick just as you are dyslexic. I mean with the best film producing industry + CGI industry in the world , look at the production values on display here. IT IS SICK.

Or perhaps it's not sick just intentionally meant to confuse the already confused. Given you're running a major psy ops against Russia & China on an ever decreasing budget who's wagering this video won't be recycled to the Slava Ukraini team suggesting they brought down a Russian TBM or CM with the good for nothing Patriot SAM battery.

And Paddy being Paddy will link it up here like he usually does without applying what's left of Downs Syndrome afflicted brains & you being you will promptly like it & leave a post extolling the many virtues of the "new improved Patriot SAM ." Not enough to persuade the Emitatis from seeking the Baraks from Israel though.

Here's a 20 year old video of older version of SM2 vs supersonic Vandal missile drone.

I honestly can't tell which of these videos is 20 yrs old. Perhaps they both are & you can't tell one from the other.

Btw lower volume... the guy uploaded this video with a very gay song.

But of course you know what "a very gay song " is, don't you sweetie? Who else would be able to tell one out here except you & perhaps Paddy ! Denigrating your own just like those African Americans in your part of the world call each other with the n word eh ? Or perhaps you're still in denial gracing the closet , aggressively pretending to be as straight as an arrow, eh sweetie?