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Lastly, the aircraft also may be weaponized

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The U.S. Air Force is targeting development of a new class of air-launched precision munition for Ukraine.

The service first released a request for information (RFI) in January for the Extended-Range Attack Munition (ERAM), aiming for a low-cost, quickly developed, air-launched munition that can travel 250 nm (288 mi.). Sixteen undisclosed companies have expressed interest.

A follow-up RFI, posted July 10 by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Armament Directorate’s Long-Range Systems Division, directly states ERAM is for Kyiv’s fight against Russia.
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CCAs, stealth and the F-35

Stealth enables the F-35 to get closer to conflict zones to maintain secure, low-latency communication with the CCAs. This is crucial for real-time tactical adjustments and effective battlefield management.

Multistatic radars and passive detection systems are able to detect stealth aircraft using new techniques. This reduces the stealth advantage for the F-35 when operating alone.

By using stealthy CCAs to penetrate enemy defences and carry out frontline missions, the F-35 can stay back in safer areas, where they are less likely to be detected. This reduces the risk to manned aircraft while maximising mission effectiveness.

Stealth remains an important capability, but its role is changing with the emergence of new threats and detection technologies. The strategic integration of stealth CCAs with the F-35 can offer a balanced solution, maximising the benefits of stealth while minimising the risks to manned aircraft. By adapting doctrines of employment and investing in complementary technologies, air forces can maintain air superiority in a constantly evolving threat environment.