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So by re designing an Astute class SSN to cross the Arctic Ocean for a submarine essentially required to do duty in the IOR & Western Pacific thereby boosting it's cost , you'd advertise this as cutting edge with the Aussies being none the wiser ( when were they ever ) & more than thrilled at the development , gladly footing the bill .

I can totally see why le Francais are absolutely mad over being ousted in the sub deal . @Optimist
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This Aircraft Carrier is like a red headed child born out of wedlock that nobody wanted... thus begins the narration describing the old hag's equally old offspring the Prince of Wales before proceeding to give both the boat & the Royal Navy a royal scrubbing.

But it's not all doom & gloom Paddy , as the narrator describes the downfall of the RN due to what else but budgetary cuts emaciating an already under nourished force to the extent that RN insiders & watchers describe it as a second rate fleet today , an over estimation by any yardstick as the Iranians would tell you with a smirk .

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Apparently you need 3 carriers to deal with a weaker Russia.

Who's wagering what if I predict that by 2030 if not before , the old hag's son is either sold off or retired & the not so Royal Navy will be a 1 trick pony . In justification they'd point out to across the channel to le Francais to make a point about how a 1 AC fleet can do the job !

After all let's not forget the no longer Royal Navy nearly cancelled the old hag's son before Cameron intervened to bail it out . And just as Cameron's other great intervention Brexit , this one backfired spectacularly . @BMD
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From a reply to Defence Committee by David Williams PS to MoD

"The current forecast Initial Operating Capability for Sea Venom is the end of this calendar year. Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon is being developed in partnership with France and is currently in the Assessment Phase. A schedule for Initial and Full Operating Capability will be presented for approval by the MOD Investment Approval Committee prior to the Manufacture Phase currently forecast for early 2025. "