Shaheed for Azadi of Pakistan, joke or reality?


Team StratFront
Dec 1, 2017
Pakistan is one of the unique country in the world whose confusion about ethnicity, history and future holds no bar. The country which doesn't want to acknowledge they were born out of India yet claims to have thousands of years of "proud history" or be it changing independence day to one day ahead of India purely out of jealosuy and later justifying it with utmost absurdity and no logic but stupid spinning.

There is new history rewritten by pakistan every few decades, be it's brainwashing and shamelessly lying to public about wars or other embarrassments on international level Pakistan just can't help it. One thing that's I find amazing is spoon-feeding propaganda to public by ISPR inspired controlled news anchors.

Their claim that they have sacrificed lives for the "beloved Pakistan" is interesting. There are only two instances when people actually died and that have some distant relation to pakistan but none of them is related to freedom of pakistan from britishers.

1) Direct action call by Jinnah, which resulted in thousands of deaths in communal riots. The most important thing to note in this is that they were against Hindus and not Britishers. So how is it related to earning freedom by shedding blood can only be proved by ISPR.

2) Deaths after the partition while there was large scale migration. This again, is after the announcement of Pakistan and have no bearing to any kind on freedom and were mostly communal in nature.

My question to experts is, is there any instance I have not read where people gave up life like Bhagat Singh to inspire people for "FREEDOM OF PAKISTAN"? any instance where there was any armed uprising against british "For" Pakistan and not India? I have seen them siding with Britishers every time, whenever given a bit of lollipop they were always on the knees to please the British masters. So where is the sacrifice of life for Azadi of Pakistan? Am I missing something?
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