Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible

It's as ridiculous a theory as the poster above you. Which is why some individuals become case studies even on planet Earth. There's a whole chapter about him in psychology. The subject being studied remains anonymous though.
Much more believeable than Aliens commiting mass genocide. We have the WH,CCP and Fauci already doing that. Don't need the aliens.
What do you think the whole wokeism sh*te is

It doesn't have that many takers though. Even that Naatu Naatu victory can be seen under the woke lens, "a bunch of brown people showing white people their place..."

If most people don't get a dopamine hit from something, it's gonna be worthless. Religion gives people a dopamine hit, whereas wokeism is just communism in disguise. Sensible people will just vote them out of power, which is why I believe in a Trump victory in 2024.
I like how Ignorants falls into traps of his own making.

If I have learnt the psychology of 16-year-old high schoolers by bumming them, and I have learnt the psychology of Ignorants too, then that means... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

In fact there's something called Dark Tetrad. Apart from psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism that forms Dark Triad, the Tetrad concept adds sadism to the mix too. Given that his mind went straight to sexual assault when he thought of 16-year-old girls, I think we should upgrade his illness to Dark Tetrad. He already has a history of using sex as an insult, so that's enough to prove his sadist personality too.

Why Ignorants falls into traps of his own making? It's 'cause he can't think above himself. And when he projects himself, he lays himself bare for everyone to see.
Well the term first used by RST was tactics of a 16 yr old high school girl. ... I wonder why was a 16 yr old chosen? I mean what gives. Women by their nature are a manipulative lot whether 16 or 60 . I may sound politically incorrect or misogynistic but it's a fact .

Besides why would one bum a girl? I mean if that's how RST prefers it & the girl doesn't object..... Well let's just change the topic & dismiss what RST said as a Freudian slip. Except if the girl is a 16 yr old..... Oh jeejus, sounds too sordid.

From 16 yr olds ok never mind 16 yr olds...from dark triads we've gone to dark tetrads & RST still doesn't see how gifted a writer of stand up material he is. I mean Paddy's good , sweetie is funny in a juvenile manner but RST is in a league of his own. I never realised one can get all this chatting to AI chat bots , no matter if that chat bot can be manipulated or perhaps that's exactly what happened this time. Time to plug in the original conversation.

The entire concept is so devious it appeals to Machiavellian me. I keep cracking up whenever I read this thread particularly the last tweet. Must imply I'm a sadist or worse a psychopath.


Here's the bonus...


The whole series is a hoot. To think there's a whole world of Jeffrey Dahmers of the AI chat bots out there & expert psychologist in here who morphs from being an ex DRDO employee, to being consulted by senior / retired generals to senior analysts from reputed TTs, to foreign members here to draught proposals for Indo : X country NSSPs, to being a master story teller & more ( when I remember more of RST's boasts I'd add to the list while I'm the narcissist out here ) whereas I just learnt about running YT videos at more than normal speeds less than 2 yrs ago.

Man, I suddenly feel old .

But.... The bottom line still reads heartbreakingly as given below :

PKS - 7-8/10
RST - 0/10

for 7 consecutive yrs. Sincerely hope things change for the better for RST beginning this year.
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Wow, someone's really bum-hurt. Dark Tetrad at work here.

My fingers ached from all the scrolling, and my eyes are dizzy from the rapid scrolling 'cause that's what happens when you skip the post instead of actually bothering to read it. I bet there's more distasteful stuff about little girls in it.
Nothing as distasteful as bumming underaged girls though & announcing it here albeit unintentionally but then what's new about it ?!

Tripping over one's own plot coz the plot one has concocted is so intricate labyrinthine & complicated that RST himself loses track of which trap has been set where & where are the escape routes , is something we've borne witness to so many times that we've lost count.

As hilarious as it may be to newcomers , It's not even entertaining to the veterans any longer.
UFO's are demonic/fallen angel technology. The great deception by the elites who are luciferians is to make people believe these are ET's that evolved from other start systems. President Trump knew this which is why every time they asked for his opinion about "UAPs" he would not give an opinion if these are aliens. Luis Elizando in a NY-Post interview said he spoke to a vey high ranking officer that he respects and told Luis to stop investigating because "they" (Pentagon) know what they are.
Unfortunately this is the only video I could find of him admitting this all videos of this interview for some reason edit out this part.
Looks like they are flying the crews in of the secret fleet for a showdown against those sneaky red chicoms. :alien:
Well wiping your ar5e with your hand won't improve their perception any.

You seem to be jealous.

Miles De Gama is here to help.
You seem to be jealous.

Miles De Gama is here to help.
Using your hand does even less to remove faeces.