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Careful what you wish point in adding more peacefuls. They will destroy in the long run.....It is enough if we can gilgit / baltistan, which will give access to central asia via afghanistan.
Peacefuls will be welcomed back with full "ghar-vapsi" to the Sanatan;)
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To balance the situation, it is possible that there could be high level Chinese or Russian visits to Islamabad after G20.Pakistan's independent foreign policy means, supply ammo to Ukraine and also have good ties with Russia and China which needs to be exposed.
Hatred can only take them this far. Sooner or later we would need to finish the job. Hopefully "Akhand Bharat" becomes true in our lifetime. Let's see...
Stupidity is at its peak when a north indian RW utter sentences like this. Maybe, they get this ideas injected from childhood, just like a jihadi's jannat dreams.

Partition is the best thing ever happened to India.
Looks like Pakistan's Ababeel missile test failed:


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