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Enemies of my enemies killing each other. Turned out nice again.

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This is the thing people don't get about Afghanistan, nobody ever wins, everybody just keeps fighting anyway, regardless of whether NATO is there or not. So why be there trying to stop ar5eholes killing each other endlessly? Leave them to it.
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‘ISKP second-in-command eliminated in Afghanistan’​

Engineer Omar was working as deputy to Sanaullah Ghafari, who governs the rebel group in terror outfit
The second-in-command of the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) was reportedly eliminated in an information-based operation (IBO) carried out by Afghan interim regime special forces in Shakardara district north of Kabul.​
According to reports, Shakardara, which is the native district of ISKP Amir Dr Shahabul Muhajir, is believed to have been a stronghold for the group, with an extensive network operating in the area.​
Engineer Umar was first responsible for Kabul province before being appointed to lead the central division. He was currently working as the deputy to Sanaullah Ghafari, who governs the rebel group in ISKP. He is also known as "Shahabul Muhajir".​
In February, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Special Forces killed the ISKP intelligence and military chief during an operation in Kabul.​
According to officials, two Da’esh members were killed in the overnight operation carried out on a militant cell in Kabul.​
Among the killed was a key member of the ISKP, Qari Fateh, who previously served as Amir-al-Harb (military leader) for Khorasan, head of Kunar province, head of the eastern zone and currently as the intelligence and operations chief who directly masterminded recent attacks in Kabul, including against diplomatic missions, mosques and other targets. /end

(, jun.06)

Truly Unprecedented: The Taliban Drugs Ban v2.0.

  • Prohibition is political. Not dogmatic (religious).
  • 2022-23 ban on growing papaver somniferum. Replaced by wheat.
  • Stocks of ephedra (the natural precursor of methamphetamine) destroyed, and meth labs dismantled everywhere.
  • But the trade continues (for how long?). No shortage, just higher prices. It's a win-win situation for some, but not for others.
  • A dichotomy between farmers in the north/east (poor, numerous, small plots dependent on rainfall, no stock) and those in the south (well-off, few, large fields, stock)
  • The outstanding question: will the ban be renewed next season?
  • In return for the ban, the Taliban are hoping for international financial aid for rural development.
  • If the ban is renewed (2023-24), there is a risk of a humanitarian disaster and a crisis of economic migrants.
(tolo, jul.28)

‘China Will Probably Get Access to Bagram’: McCaul

US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, at a hearing examining the Biden administration’s planning for the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan, said the idea of lowering the number of troops to 650 was "insane,” that "12,000 prisoners" including "suicide bombers" and "ISIS-K" were released from Bagram, and that "$7 billion of equipment" was left behind and is being sold to "our adversaries and to terrorist nations.

He also pointed out China’s possible access to Bagram, which was the main US base during its 20-year presence.​
“This unconditional withdrawal, I call it unconditional surrender to the Taliban who now have taken over Afghanistan,” he said.​
“China now is there for God’s sake, and the lithium,” he said. “China will probably get access to Bagram.”​
Brian Mast, a US congressman, said that the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan was a complete and total loss.​
“This administration said time and time again that Afghanistan was not a war that could be won militarily-- that is the administrations words. It could only be won diplomatically. If this could be won diplomatically, then there is no other conclusion, then the withdrawal was a complete and total lost,” he said.​
This comes as political analysts gave various opinions in this regard.​
“Whatever McCaul said is correct. The US created an Army in Afghanistan which could not be active without it (US). The Air Force was conducting all supporting operations and Biden several months before withdrawal, canceled the repair of the airforce’s aircraft,” said Torek Farhadi, a political analyst.​
“The Americans say that Biden has undermined the reputation of the US by withdrawing from Afghanistan. It has caused the US to be mocked by the world,” said Wahid Faqiri, a political analyst.​
The US ended its military presence after 20-years of fighting on August 30/31, 2021./end