Infantry Combat Vehicles of Indian Army


L&T’s FICV Prototype at Defexpo 22.
I think the turret is unmanned and the chassis might be from K-9 (Not sure on this part)
The hull is based on improved abhay IVF(that's running theory rn) and the turret seems to be an independent design with a new 40mm cannon(the cannon is most likely a foreign design being license produced)
Wait what? Do you have more info?
Nothing in particular. Only what is available in public domain.

IN and ICG want to have a 30mm Naval Surface Gun to replace their CRN-91 naval gun. So, a new 30mm naval surface gun will be developed. It is under 4th positive indigenisation list with effect from 2030 onwards.

It will be something similar to DS30M Mark 2 and SMASH.